Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bluebonnet Tutorial-My First!

I had a request to do a tutorial on making this Texas Bluebonnet ornament. Thank you, Nola. I am flattered! Anyway, here goes, my first tutorial!

You will need the following supplies:
white chenille stems-each flower requires 1/2 (I only had green at home)
18 mm sunburst beads in crystal, light blue and blue
silk leaves
florist tape
ribbon-red or white
wirecutters or old scissors (I have ruined scissors cutting chenille stems!)

Ignore other chores like that pile of ironing waiting to be done! Don't ya love that snowflake fabric? I may make stocking ornaments or apron ornaments out of it!

Back to the Bluebonnet! Bend a small loop in one end of the chenille stem (to hold the beads in place and to attach the ornament hook!) Thread the beads beginning with 2 crystal, followed by 3 light blue and finally 4 dark blue.

Next, begin wrapping the florist tape just below the beads. Getting the tape started is the toughest part! I find it works best to tear instead of cut the tape. I also stretch it as I wind it around the stem. After a few wraps, place one leave, wrap a bit and then place the other leaf. Continue wrapping down to the end of the leaf. Keep the tape stretched so that it sticks to itself. I wrap the end around a pencil to get the curled end.
I used an 8 inch piece of 1/4 inch wide ribbon for the bow. (oops! it is 1/8 inch ribbon)
I have also seen these worn as pins (like a corsage).
Merry Christmas Ya'll,


  1. made that look easy. I've never done a tutorial but YOU did GREAT! Hey...I noticed you're in Texas....I'm in Houston and it's snowing..not sticking but snowing none-the-less and we're all going bonkers. What part of Texas are You in?

  2. It is very pretty. Love the blue. Good job on the tutorial.

  3. Very pretty, seems to be ornament week, I'm working in felt but hope to do beads, this one look very nice esp since hubby is from Texas. C & G Design

  4. Aw... that is so sweet! You really are a die-hard Texan! :)

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. I would ignore the ironing too in place of working on something so pretty.

  6. I love them, they are beautiful, and look fairly easy. I'll make my weekly trek to WMart tomorrow, I hope they have all the supplies! Heck, I can wear those for earrings!

  7. These are beautiful!Nola sent me over to check them out. I will be making some of them this weekend. My Texas Christmas tree NEEDS some of these. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are beautiful. I will be making some for packages. Wish I had started earlier, I would have used some as ornaments. Thanks so much for the did a great job..:)

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