Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Casserole Tote Tutorial

This is the seventh casserole tote that I have made this summer. I finally took some photos along the way! You will need:
2/3 yard quilted fabric (or at least 19 inches)
1 package (4 yards) 1/2 inch single fold bias tape
1 package 7/8 inch single fold bias tape (there will be some left over)
thread to match the bias tape
I pre-washed the fabric and trimmed off the selvage. I prefer a rotary cutter for straight edge cuts. Starting with the fabric folded, selvage edges together, cut two thicknesses for two 19" x 14 3/4 " rectangles. Then cut the 2 handles from the remaining fabric, 19" x 2 1/2 ". Finally, cut one of the large rectangles in 1/2 lengthwise so that you have 2 rectangles that are 19" x 7 3/8".
Stitch the 1/2 inch bias tape to the long edges of the handles and the inner edges of the half rectangles. Divide the remaining 1/2 inch bias tape into 4 equal lengths. Fold in one end and stitch it closed in 1/2 to create 4 ties.
Pin the two half rectangles (the top) to the large rectangle (the bottom). Pin the handles 2 1/2 inches from the outside edges.
Stitch the handles about 1/4 inch from the edges.
Sew all outer edges together with the 7/8 inch bias tape.
Hand stitch the ties 3 1/2 inches from the ends along the center opening of the tote.
The finished tote!
A peek at the bottom!
I hope this makes sense. I will be happy to try and answer any questions.
Ya'll come back!


  1. Hi Lorilee,
    What a beautiful tote and the fabric is gorgeous. What a wonderful gift this would make! (after I made one for me of course :)Hugs, Loretta

  2. Great tutorial. I can hardly wait to make one of these now. Thanks for showing me how. Blessings to you.

  3. Lorilee,

    That casserole cover is really nice and I love the colors.


  4. I just made these for a Christmas gifts and they turned out beautifully!!

  5. Hi Lorilee,

    I linked to your project on AllFreeSewing.com. I think it's a great project our readers will love to make. Here's the link:


    If you have any questions or would like to see more of your projects on the site, please feel free to contact me.



  6. I've been looking for the perfect casserole tote, and I think this may be it! I'm going to make one today.
    Debbie Katz

  7. I've finally found a pattern I like for casserole totes. Thanks so very much for your easy to read and follow tutorial. You will see me here again.

  8. Well this is just a perfect tote for me to make. I made several(not this pattern) at Christmas time and even sold a couple, as people were so excited about them, but this one I like even more and will definitely be giving this one a test run for myself 1st. Thanks for the great graphics and instructions. Nancy

  9. What a great Idea! I have just enough quilted fabric to make one of these. The pictures really help clarify the instructions (I'm a very visual learner) & I love the great tutorial. Thank You so much for sharing this pattern : )

  10. What a pretty choice of fabric and an easy sew! For us clumsier folk, we may be better of using wider bias tape to encase the edges!
    Also would be great to put a piece of shirt or corrugated cardboard inside to fit( wrapped in foil?), for a stable base for the casserole dish.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. This would be really cute done scrappy with leftover quilting material. I love it!

  12. Thanks for sharing this great pattern! I'm having a little trouble understanding how to do the ties. Can you help me out please; I don't understand this sentence "Fold in one end and stitch it closed in 1/2 to create 4 ties." Thanks, Wendy

  13. I think they are super and very beautiful. Friends have asked me to make them for them and I certainly can do it now. Where did you get such bright fabric? Thanks Ellie

  14. I have been looking for a casserole tote pattern for a while. Your tote pattern came up in the "you may also like" section when I looked at a pattern from a sewing newsletter. It looks easy enough for my daughter to make! Also, can you tell me what breed the chickens in the picture are? They look like one I have and have not been able to identify.

  15. These are beautiful;I am wondering how they keep food hot or cold. Can you add an layer of insulation for that?

  16. I would love to be able to read your site but the background is so harsh with the black lettering I cannot read it without really struggling, then not sure if I got it right. Very disappointing.

  17. This looks like an interesting site but trying to read red, black or blue on a deep purple ground is just too difficult.

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