Sunday, October 28, 2012

 A few weekends ago, I arrived home well after dark. Hubby had fed the pets, but Bella (our youngest kitty) had not come from outside to eat. I went out to look for her. I called and called. I heard owls hooting in the distance. Then I saw a big rat snake on our privacy fence. There was a smaller rat snake crawling     up the wire fence under our bat house. I was feeling pretty creeped out and upset that I couldn't get Bella to come. Brian came home from work and started helping me look for Bella. Then he decided to catch the snake. The other cats were also interested in the snake. It let out its defense odor. YUCK. He did catch it. He put it in a bucket, promising to relocate it in the morning. Bella finally came--early the next morning. That evening, she knocked a basket with a 1/2 dozen eggs off the counter. What a mess. I was ready to put her back outside with the owls and snakes. Oh, and Brian did let the snake go--right back in the pasture behind our yard. I'm sure I will be meeting it again, probably in my chicken coop.
Y'all come back,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great yarn for scarves!

A sweet friend introduced me to this awesome yarn for making scarves! These colors are "Starbella" and "Sundance Holiday Frill" that I found online. I found a line called "Chrysallis" at Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart carries a Red Heart version. 
I love them!
I get 2 scarves from one skein. I better get busy!
Y'all come back,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Redneck Saturday

I spent last Saturday afternoon and evening at the Rocking HI Ranch.
There was fishing at "Skinny Dip Place" a.k.a. the tank!

There was also some pecan shelling.

A little snacking in the back of the Ranger.
Along with refreshments and relaxation.
Then there was the "treasure hunt" following clues all over the Ranch to find birthday gifts.!

Finally, the jackpot! Gifts hidden in one of the deer blinds.
Then it was time for supper. Fried catfish and shrimp with plenty of sides!
Love those fingers full of fish breading!
Y'all come back,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Big Toy

 It has been quite awhile since I have posted. We've been busy! This is our "new to us" 2007, 23' Dutchmen.  We started talking about how it would be nice to have a camper. We started looking on Craig's List and found this! It was about a mile from our house, so we called and made arrangements to look at it. We are limited in size by the ability of our towing vehicle. Oddly, in our area, smaller campers are much harder to find used than the larger ones. We also had to find a place to store it, which we did! Now for a mini tour of our mini home away from home.
 Standing in the bathroom door way, one can see the dinette, sofa, entertainment center and kitchen.
 This is a view of the master "bedroom". I have since added curtains, because the blinds were a bit bent.
 Looking into the bathroom.
 The bathroom sink is located just outside the actual bathroom. I love this. It makes it easier for one person to shower while another uses the sink and or mirror!
And, TA-DA the stove, microwave and fridge. The sink is just out of view to the left. We are so excited. We are hoping to take the camper instead of staying in a hotel when we go to the Renaissance Festival in a few weeks.
Y'all come back,


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