Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cats and Independence

The kitty has really grown since we got him. He is also VERY active. Taking good photos of him has become quite challenging. He moves too much for the low-lighting in my kitchen. I can even keep up with him using a flash!He likes to run in circles around the island with the dogs following.

He and the dogs have become wonderful playmates! The down side is that the kitty then has the odor of doggie breath about him!I just finished a set of napkins. I found the idea in Martha Stewart's Living magazine. You can also find the idea online. I googled "Martha Stewart's seersucker napkins" to find it. (Even using "compatibility mode" after updating my browser, I still can't change my font color or size or use the link button. Suggestions would be appreciated.) I couldn't find striped seersucker, but I also liked this design. I have been getting ready for Independence Day by putting out my Patriotic Pretties! I wish I could say that I made him, but I won him at Bunco!My feather tree is decked out in red, white and blue. They are glass and many have been broken through the years. I need to watch for Hobby Lobby to have the Patriotic stuff on sale!

I like this candle that was a gift.

I just finished this banner. I have more "pretties", but I haven't taken pictures of everything yet. I've been busy making salsa, mustang grape jelly, and re-arranging. We took my teenager's futon out of his room and moved the twin bed from my craft room into his room. Now I have tubs that WERE under the bed but no where to put them!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Beach or Bust!

My 16-year-old decided he wanted to go to Port A. Of course, HE wanted to drive himself and his girlfriend in the jeep. NOT. Even with a GPS I wouldn't trust him not to get lost. Actually, I JUST wouldn't trust him! That frontal lobe is still lagging in development. SO, I took the two of them earlier this week.He had been there before, but he was too young to remember! I am more of a freshwater kinda girl! Give me the lake any day! (He is chasing a laughing gull-above)We were just down from the ship canal. I think it is neat the way the ship looks "beached"!

I told him not to toss a bread crust to the one gull that was hovering nearby, but he didn't listen. Within seconds they were surrounded by gulls!

AWWWW, young love!

They had to give sandcastle building a half-hearted try!

This was my "home" for the day! Not much shade there. Luckily, the seabreeze kept us cool.

My self-portrait. This is ALL I'll show in a bathing suit! haha

Heading home on the ferry, we saw a dolphin.

Good-bye sand, waves, gulls, ferries and Port Aransas.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer so far.

Now that summer is here and my mornings are not so rushed, I am eating cooked oatmeal instead of cold cereal for breakfast. I cook mine in milk, adding a dash of salt, sugar and cinnamon. Does anyone have any yummy suggestions?

The little kitty is growing. He has really stolen our hearts! I had a little basket for him to sleep in, but he has decided that climbing into bed with us is more to his liking!

If he is hungry, he lets me know. He follows me around, trying to climb up my leg and mewing loudly!

In between kitty feedings, I have been staying busy, I made a batch of Salsa with tomatoes from my Dad and Stepmom's garden.

I bought cranberries to try making cranberry preserves. I also made tomato preserves for my Dad for Father's Day. They are his favorite. (Cranberry on the left and Tomato on the right.) I take the lid rings off to store my preserves. The moisture that is trapped from the hot water bath will cause rusting if left on.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too Cute for Words!

Told ya! Even Honey thinks he's cute.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Many Moods of a Cat!

Samson doesn't look happy about being the subject of my photography session or is that disdain!

Now he's ignoring me.

In fact, he finds me extremely boring.I think there are birds in the tree behind me! THEY get his attention.I call this the Sphinx pose.

I thought Samson deserved some blog time since the little kitty a.k.a. Bernard, has been getting so much attention.
Y'all come back,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kittys and a coyote

Little kitty wants SO badly to make friends with big kitty!

Big kitty does not share this sentiment!

Little kitty is persistent. That tail is SO tempting.

Oh, well. This ribbon will have to do.

This morning, as I was sitting on the patio giving kitty his milk, a coyote trotted by just outside the fence. I have never seen one that close to my house before.(photo from the internet. I didn't have a camera ready!)

Kitty update:

He weighed 11 oz. when he was found. He now weighs 17 oz. He has started eating the meat baby food. We tried canned kitten food, but he wouldn't touch it! When he is hungry, he follows me around mewing VERY loudly. He also tries to climb up my leg. He even uses the litter box!

Brian still calls him Bernard. I've thought of Gerber since he only wants baby food! I often just call him "Little Runt", or "Tubby".

I'm still having trouble with Blogger since my browser updated. I can't highlight text unless I use compatibility mode, but then the color button and font size button won't work.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Orphaned kitty update!

They kitty that Brian found in the ditch is making himself the center of my world ! He went to school with me last week so that I could feed him on breaks! My 4-year-olds loved him!

He has also stolen my hubby's heart. We are on our second can on Kitten Milk Replacement.

He has been lapping up the meat baby food! Of course, he also stands in it. Next, we will try kitten canned food.Yippee, he is also going potty on his own. Some of the time, it is even IN the litterbox.After doing some internet research, I am pretty sure he is a HE. Brian calls him Bernard. I am still not sold on that name. I thought of Newman because of his blue eyes. I doubt they will stay that blue though. Any suggestions for a name?

Y'all Come Back,



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