Saturday, September 14, 2013

New chicken!

My SIL saw this chicken at her church's rummage sale and thought of me. She knows me well. I love it!
Totally off the subject, we have been back at school for 3 weeks now. My teaching assistant and I have 24 pre-kindergarteners in our room. We are exhausted. Our campus opens at 7:00 a.m. We dismiss at 3:15 with and teachers must stay until 3:45. (can be as late as 5:30 on faculty meeting days.) Pre-kindergarten has adopted a new curriculum so I am staying until 5 most days to work on lesson plans. Often with errands or other after school business, I don't get home until 6 or 7. I am wishing for a long weekend to take the camper somewhere. Sadly, there are none for quite awhile. I was so tired that I didn't even make it to our local Master Gardener plant sale this morning!
Y'all come back, 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Clogging at the Port Lavaca Flip Flop Festival

 I am a member of The Stars and Stripes Cloggers. We joined our "sister" group the Kolache Kloggers and performed at the Port Lavaca Flip Flop Festival on Labor Day weekend.  We had a wonderful time clogging and visiting the booths.
Stars and Stripes performed some songs, Kolache Kloggers performed some songs, and we performed some together.
 This was a move from "All Shook Up".
 And "Rosine".
 My niece, nicknamed Bug, started clogging in June. She already has two performances to brag about. (along with going to State in swimming.)
 We are all dancing "You Can't Take the Texas Out of Me" here.
 Here we are all together. Kolache Kloggers are from Halletsville, Texas, famous for its Kolache Festival and Fiddlers Frolic. We will all be performing at the Kolache Festival at the end of September. Both groups provide free clogging lessons! The Kolache Kloggers are Lexi, Marla, Jayde and Kassie (director)
 Stars and Strips-Bug, Me, Susan (director), Martha and Skyeleigh.
Y'all come back!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cat Poses!

We have now been in school for 2 weeks. I am exhausted and have a scratchy throat. Not unusual for the beginning of school! Finding time to blog isn't easy for me this time of the year. I thought I'd share some "portraits" of Rascal, my bottle-fed rescue kitty. 
When he decides he wants attention, there is no telling him not now! He is extremely insistent. 
I think he likes having his picture taken!
Y'all come back,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Feed bags to tote bags

I have joined the feed bag bandwagon! I have made more than just these three bags. These are the only ones that I took the time to photograph.  I love using things I get for free to create new things. 
They are tough and washable. I scrubbed them with dish detergent and the water hose before sewing them! 
The last time I was in TSC, I noticed a pretty fish feed sack! I don't feed fish, but my Dad does. I'll have to request that he use that brand!
Y'all come back,


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