Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sharing the love!

Everybody wants our love and attention!

Honey has accepted Beasty! Life is good.
The dogs had to go for their rabies vaccinations this morning. They didn't even know they got poked! It was also suggested that they need the distemper, parvo, corona combo vaccine every 3 years since parvo is common in our town. OUCH that would be another $20 per dog. I was told that the vaccine is sold at feed stores for $7-10. THAT is much better.
After watching the lady give the dogs the rabies vaccine, I thought, that looks easy enough. I can do that. I checked the dogs records. Lexi wouldn't need it until next year. Honey needed it. So I went to the nearest feed store and purchased it. I started getting nervous when they gave me a hypodermic with a long needle for a subcutaneous injection. Also, there are two vials. One is a liquid that has to be drawn out and injected into the other vial that is a powder. They are mixed and then re-drawn out into the syringe. That wasn't so bad. It was the long needle for a just under the skin injection that had me worried!
My baby brother (37 yrs old) came to the rescue. He dropped by on his way home from work and coached me through it.
Honey never even flinched!
Y'all come back, just watch your backside! haha!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Brian has been begging for a kitten for some time now. His Dad said absolutely NOT. We waited and bided our time. Today was our time! Dad agreed to go to Adopt-a-Pet to look at the cats. They didn't have any kittens ready for adoption, but this kitty came forward and introduced himself. He politely asked to be petted. He won Dad over first! Dad told Brian that if he didn't choose this kitty, HE would get the kitty for himself. Brian also liked a sweet slightly younger longer-haired female. Brian was won over when he sat on the floor and this big kitty started licking and rubbing his mouth on Brian's finger. We had to leave him so the vet could remove a small cyst on his shoulder. Brian took this photo with his cell phone to be able to show his brother.

He is a handsome kitty. He is a big boy with large paws to go with his big personality! Dad and Brian want to call him "Beast".

We will introduce him to Honey and Lexi (the dogs) tomorrow. We have always gotten kittens in the past. We decided that a young, yet nearly grown cat would be a good thing with two dogs. He will be able to better stand his ground!

Y'all Come Back,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ranch Hands for a day!

Brian and I spent a day at "The Rocking HI Ranch" helping Pop and Barb put up a new deer blind. It was a hot day-102 degree heat index! By the time we arrived, they had already built a base for Pop's blind at "Deer Crossing".

Grandma Barb's stand also needed replacing. It didn't take long for Brian and I to tear it down.

Then we had to assemble the "stand". We had no directons, just Pop and Barb's memory of stands they saw assembled at the store.

There were LOTS of nuts and bolts, and the metal got really hot in the sun!

Trixie, Pop's dog, supervised from the shade of the mule!

Pop used his new Kubota to lift the stand into place with guidance from Grandma Barb.

The stand is 10 feet tall. I guess Brian is checking out the view!
Next, we had to get the blind onto the stand!

The job required concentration from Pop!

ALMOST there! (holding our breath)

Time to remove the strap!

Just a few more bolts and the job was DONE! Time for some shade and a cold R.C. cola!
Y'all Come Back,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Putting Up"

My husband hates it when I refer to canning tomatoes as "putting up" tomatoes. It is the terminology that I have heard all my life for canning, freezing, and preserving. Trust me, I heard it often. My Mom and Granny "put up" many things-peas, beans, okra, pickles, plums, strawberries, dewberries, Mustang grapes, tomatoes, corn, and figs. My Dad's favorite was tomato preserves. I adored my Granny's pickles and fig preserves. We never left my Granny's home empty handed. She would send eggs, frozen chickens, sausage, preserves, pickles, kolaches, homemade noodles etc. She had 2 chest freezers in her garage, an upright on the backporch, and two refrigerators in her "wash house" in addition to the kitchen fridge. I always loved gathering eggs, unless she had a broody hen.
I try to "put up" whenever I can! My Dad and Step-Mom had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year. First, my Dad gave me a coolerful. I decided to try making Salsa. My Mom made it when she had extra tomatoes. I added cilantro since I adore it!
Just like Mom, I dropped the "maters" into boiling water, then cool water to make peeling easy.
Beautiful, peeled and chopped and ready to cook!

Extra flavor chopped and measured. (onions, bell pepper, jalepenos, garlic, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, salt and vinegar.) I add the fresh cilantro a few minutes before putting the salsa into the jars.
I like to let it simmer for several hours so it is nice and thick.

I decided that I better not answer the door in this red-stained apron. My Dad and Step-Mom gave me a second cooler of tomatoes. I "put up" 4 1/2 batches or 27 pints!
Mmmmm, well work the time and effort!

Almost too pretty to eat! NOT!
The Mustang grapes look prolific this year after a rainy spring. My son loves Mustang grape jelly! That is on next month's "putting up" agenda!
Y'all Come Back,
The Recipe "sorta"
14 Cups peeled and chopped tomatoes
3 cups chopped onions
1/2 cup chopped jalpeno pepper (I used 4 fairly large ones and removed the seeds)
1 cup bell pepper
1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup tomato sauce (I substituted a can of tomato paste. Then I ran out and did without. The salsa still tasted fine)
3 Tablespoons salt (I used pickling salt)
1 Tablespoon chili powder
1 Tablespoon garlic powder
1 1/2 teaspoons cumin
5 garlic cloves
I cooked for several hours to thicken it. Then, just before putting into jars, I put in a handful of fresh cilantro leaves because we love cilantro. I let this simmer for just a few minutes. Last of all, I put the jars into boiling water for a 10-15 minute "water bath". I used pint jars.
(If you are new to canning, look up the procedure for more detailed instructions.)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Dads

Happy Father's Day to the many Dads I know with a trip down memory lane.
My hubby!

My baby brother with his oldest.

My baby brother with his middle child.

Heh, heh, setting a good example for Alec!

My men in their T's.

Hmm, I wonder what wisdom he is imparting?

My father-in-law on his harmonica.
FIL trying out Brian's scooter.
My Dad with one of the grand-daughters.

Pop fishing with the grandchildren.

Pop relaxing in his hammock.

My brother wearing beard from his son's halloween costume. We think he looks like one of the ZZ Top dudes.

Steven carving Jack-o-lanterns with Walker (son), Brian (my son) and Devin (son).


Relaxing with the baby girl!
Y'all come back,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom's Taxi!

My sweety bought this little rearview mirror charm for me. My son takes it literally!

See the boys on the sidewalk!

The definition of taxi is used loosely. HE now wants to drive since he has his learner's permit.

He's kinda cute when he smiles, but WHY is he wearing a stocking cap in the heat of summer? HE calls it a "Beanie", which it is according to the definition, but it is still HOT. Oh, how he loves to drive!

Y'all come back,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

As the Coop Turns!

It has been hot here in South Texas. The girls really enjoy their water. Now, I really can't call them "the girls" since my two Ameraucanas are turning out to be roosters. I can't call them Madeline and Matilda anymore. I am looking for a new home for Madeline. I will try to keep Matilda, since she is the calmer of the two. I guess I still won't be getting bluish colored eggs.
Gretl has really become very tame. She will sit and let me pet her.
Madeline is turning into a bully! He is very photogenic though!

The big girls, Blossom, Holly, and Lilly still rule the roost.
Matilda will need a new boy name. We are thinking about Rhett or Hansel.
Gosh, I wanted those bluish eggs! I also enjoy photographing them! Their faces are so interesting.
Buffy is a sweet girl. She is also very tame and likes to be petted.
They are watching my dog, Honey, out in the yard.
I bought a new shelf for the patio. Dave carried the spool I had been keeping plants on out to the chicken run. The "youngsters" love to sit on it.
Finally, Scarlet is in a photo. She is the red pullet.
Y'all Come Back!


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