Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Bonfire, Kitty number 7 and a rat story.

I have been meaning to share this bonfire photo from the ranch this fall.  I love the way it turned out. 
 This is Oakley. He is kitty number seven. He loves to cuddle and eat! My son can't resist a kitten. 
 He was rescued by some of my son's friends who lived in an apartment. Since they didn't want to pay extra to have a cat, he needed a new home. 
Now for a rat story! It happened on the last morning before the Christmas holidays. First, I dropped the curling iron on myself. I ended up with a lovely burn down my chest. I finished getting dressed and headed to the kitchen to pack my lunch,  have breakfast, and get some ice. I noticed several kitties at the door wanting breakfast. I opened the door and let them in . I saw that Whiskey had something in his mouth. I left the door open and went to see what he had. He set it down and it moved. I screamed. LOUDLY! Whiskey ran out the door, and the rat ran under my china cabinet. I shouted for my son and then realized he was spending the night elsewhere. Scoundrel (another cat) was nearby, so I tried showing him where the rat was hiding. He wasn't interested. I knew I wasn't leaving for school with a rat in my house, so I called my teaching assistant to let her know what was going on. It turned out that Whiskey hadn't gone far. He was sitting on the patio table, so I brought him back in. I showed him the rat's hiding place. He dove under the china cabinet and came out with the rat. Thankfully, he took it back outside. I ate my cereal and packed my lunch with an ice pack on my burn. I was only 15 minutes late to school.
Y'all come back,

Monday, January 20, 2014

Flashback to the Halloween wreck.

More catching up! I haven't done very well at regular blogging. I had planned to head out to the Ranch for a night in the camper. Instead I stayed home because  I seem to have caught a cold.  I did get my Christmas stuff packed away and my Valentines stuff out. I also spent some time on Pinterest. I found a wreath that I want to make for spring/Easter. I also want to try some pom pom garlands! Oh wait, I also have a few tassel ideas as well. Too bad live is not all summers and weekends. Anyway, on the the "catching up" part of this post.
 On Halloween night, Brian was returning to work from his break when someone turned in front of him. He caught the back end of the other truck, lost his front tire, jumped a curb and ended up in the Discount Tire parking lot. He missed the building by about 10 feet.
This is his new set of used wheels. Yes he loves "lifted" trucks.  
Y'all come back,

Friday, January 3, 2014

Catching Up!

 Hmmm,  I've really neglected my blog! It was a super busy fall, full of camping, deer hunting, clogging, sewing, crocheting, embroidering and celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. Another cat has also joined the family. (Brought home by my son, Brian) I hope to start backtracking a bit and getting this blog caught up! I guess that could be my New Year's Resolution. My brother helped me pull my camper out to the Ranch for deer season etc. It doesn't look level because of the ground.
 The cousins spent some time catching tilapia before the cold weather which will kill many of them.
 Willie is about to toss a casting net. You can see a tilapia jumping out of the water! They do this when food is tossed into the water.
Brian is throwing the casting net here. We had a successful deer season and have a freezer of meat which helps keep the grocery bill lower!
Y'all come back,


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