Friday, December 31, 2010

New Banner, New recipes, New year!

I hope everyone has a blessed 2011.
I am new to papercrafting, and I can't resist trying new projects when I see so many cute ideas on others' blogs. I used a set of "tracing letters and numbers" that I used in high school. I was in the drill team, and we had "locker boys"-football players whose lockers we decorated. I used lots of glitter back then, but none was as nice as Martha's! I don't have a mantle so I use our Stickley mirror!
I spent New Year's Eve afternoon in the kitchen!
I was inspired to try making french macarones after reading about them on Parisienne Farmgirl's blog. I used Martha Stewart's recipe and tips I found at Giver's log. I planned to make them raspberry flavored with seedless raspberry preserves for filling, but I didn't have raspberry extract. I used strawberry instead. I am pleased for a first try, although I would like to keep my batter a bit thicker so they don't spread as easily as they are piped.
I also made my 2nd batch of Pizzelles. One of the Christmas Cookie Exchange guests brought them to the party. My SIL and I loved them. I decided I wanted a Pizzelle press for Christmas. She made them with lots of anise, which my SIL and I love. The rest of my family doesn't care for that flavor much. Awwww, more for my SIL and me!

I am still thrilled when I gather eggs, so I couldn't resist one last photo for 2010!
Y'all Come Back,

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chicken in the kitchen!

I wanted to share a sweet gift from my dear friend, Martha. She knows me and my chickens well! She also has an awesome embroidery machine! She is a wonderful seamstress and soooo creative! Thank you so much, Martha.
Y'all come back.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cookie decorating vs. sleeping

I ended up with 30 snowflake shaped sugar cookies after the baking fiasco I shared in the previous post. I decided on December 23rd that it was now or never to decorate them. I first had to finish a 20 page scrapbook that I started on December 22 in the evening. Did I mention it was also my first real attempt at doing scrapbook layouts? I digress. Back to the cookies. I was done with the scrapbook around 10:30 p.m.. I took a bath while debating whether or not to start the cookie decorating so late. Since I had already stayed up until 2 a.m. on the scrapbook the night before, I figured I should go for it. Weeellllll, 30 cookies took me until 4 a.m.!
My family was impressed, but they are a far cry from the many cookie decorators whose blogs I visit frequently.
Y'all come back,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

7th Christmas Cookie Exchange!

My SIL and I hosted our 7th annual Christmas cookie exchange party this year. We happened to have matching skirts and joked that we wore different blouses so that others could tell us apart!
The cookies filled my dining table!

My crystal rooster presided over the cookie table surrounded by Christmas light bulbs that belonged to my husband's grandmother.
Another table held the cookie recipe booklets, apron ornaments and more cookies.
I was told that the ornament aprons also fit Barbie dolls!
These are the cookies I made this year. I originally wanted to try decorated sugar cookies. After quadrupling the eggs while doubling the recipe for the first batch and then setting the oven to 250 degrees instead of 350 degrees and having part of a batch slide off the cookie sheet while I was removing them from my bottom oven, I decided to switch to a less time consuming recipe.
We served appetizers, punch and coffee.

Everyone was given a bell necklace to wear. If caught saying the word "cookie", the necklace had to be given to the person who caught you.
We gave prizes for getting the most bell necklaces, the best cookie presentation, and the most spirited outfit. (We voted to decide the winners.)
Every year my husband asks me if it is worth all the work in preparation. I say "definitely"!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bristley Hen!

I have been meaning to share this sweet chicken bootscraper that I received as a Birthday gift in October. I think she is absolutely adorable! What shall I name her?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

3 eggs and new toes!

I found these 3 beautiful eggs on Saturday.
I also prettied my toes. We still have flip-flop and sandal weather in South Texas in the winter!
I've also been decorating and sewing in between house cleaning and laundry.
Y'all Come Back,

Friday, December 10, 2010

The girls are not laying very frequently now that the days are so short. I still get one or two eggs most days. Today I was THRILLED to find my first bluish green egg!
Of course, I had to photograph and share such a momentous happening! I am not sure which of my Americaunas laid the egg. Their pea combs haven't gotten big and red like the other girls' rose combs.

Is in from Matilda?
Or did Madeline lay the egg!
Photos are from a month or two ago. Madeline is pretty hard to photograph since she rarely stays in one place very long. She is afraid of the other hens since they give her a quick peck to keep her in her place. Matilda stays away from them too, but she is not quite so hysterical about it!
Y'all Come back,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Celtic Christmas at the Rennfest.

We attended the Rennfest a weekend later than usual. (November 27th) The theme was Celtic Christmas. Santa dropped by!
David is sporting chain mail made by a friend and a tabbard (white with red cross) I made for him.
Later in the day, David went without the tabbard. I wore the green skirt over instead of under the chemise this year.
The hat is not really part of my "outfit", but I wanted to wear it since I had just purchased it!
It was a beautiful, cool day. The guys really appreciate that in their outfits.
The attendance that day was 36,000.
Y'all come back!


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