Thursday, April 29, 2010

That Crazy Chicken Lady!

Yup, it's me! I've hardly had time to get on my computer because I've been spending my evenings outside in the chicken run! I saw a raccoon in the pasture behind my garden the other day just as the sun was setting. He seemed to be watching the chickens while I was weeding. So now I feel the need to be out there as the sun is setting just to be sure they are safe!
They climb all over me when it starts to get dark. They want to go into the coop. They even go up the ramp, but Blossom is usually waiting to chase them back out again. She seems to get her thrill from sending them screeching and running for cover. Cover is me.
So if you're looking for me around sun down, just follow the sound of the frantic peeping! I'll be under the chickens!
Y'all Come Back,
a.k.a. That crazy chicken lady

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Goin' to the Big House!

Holly notices something amiss!
Scarlett doesn't know what to think about all this dirt.
Chickens move very quickly.
Blossom wants in the shot too!
Matilda, Madeline and Buffy seem to think the big girls are scarey! The big girls do like to chase and peck at the little ones!
Madeline is quite photogenic with her fluffy cheeks. She reminds me of a bearded lady.
Gretl is always ready to try new food!
They seem to think that if they don't see the big hens, the big hens won't see them!
Y'all Come Back!

Monday, April 19, 2010

For the Love of Historical Architecture!


I'm still busy and behind! The V.P.I Historical Home tour was April 10 and 11. My sweety and I went on Sunday. I helped as a docent on Saturday morning. Our first visit was this charming Victorian Cottage.

The detail is amazing!
Next we visited this Craftsman Bungalow. I really like the colors on the exterior.
Old windows have so much character!
The screened porch is new, but fits beautifully with the style of the home! I want this screened porch!
I don't think there were more than 2 windows of the same size or pane pattern in this house!
Beautiful to look at, but probably not fun to clean or paint! You can see the waviness of the old glass!

Our fourth home to visit was this Federal Style beauty.

Oops! The tree was hiding the front entryway which is the most beautiful part of the exterior of the house.
The free use of color attracted my attention. This home was not on the tour, but it was worth a photo.
I neglected to take photos of the last home on the tour. We had toured it previously (in July of 2008) as members of V.P.I.. The last on the tour was a building. I just plain forgot to take a photo. I think I was too busy finishing my Butterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
Y'all Come Back,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Resale addiction?

After I finished my shift as a docent for the VPI Historical Home Tours I just had to stop by that resale shop again! I picked up this calendar for $3. I hope to frame some of the pages for my son's apartment.

I need more dishes like I need to eat more calories. I really tried to talk myself out of them, but I couldn't! After all, they were 50 cents each (9 plates). They are Anchor Hocking 'Suburbia'. I definitely need to avoid that store!
Y'all Come Back,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Closer to driving!

While taking my Trailblazer through a car wash, I grabbed my camera. This was some sort of wax I think!
Doesn't everyone take photos in the carwash?

The scary thing in my life is that this one has only one short year before he can possible get his driver's license. He turned 15 and is taking Driver's Education. He actually has very nice eyebrows, but he doesn't believe in exposing them!
Y'all Come Back,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

$ 2.17 worth of treasures!

I am always reading on other peoples' blogs about their great finds at resale shops! I finally found some goodies really cheap and I love cheap. It is almost as good as FREE! The green plates match a set of juice size glasses that I have from my Grandmother. They are a bit scratched from use, but that is OK at fifty cents each! The little bowl and tray were also fifty cents each. So with 17 cents for tax, I came home with my goodies! I do believe I will be returning to that shop!
Y'all Come Back!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peep Playpen

I partly blame daylight savings time for my lack of blog postings! I find myself outside in the yard if I am home! I have also been out and about quite a bit. This is the temporary "run" that I made for the peeps. I only put them in it during the day if I am at home. It is not particularly pretty, but they seem to like it.
This is Scarlett and Buffy enjoying their first taste of sunshine. Scarlett is a Production Red and Buffy is a Buff Orpington.

Scarlett, Madeline and Matilda. Madeline and Matilda are Americaunas and several weeks older.
Matilda is checking out one of the "benches".
Scarlett is checking out real dirt!

I think this is Gretl. Liesl and Gretl are the barred rocks and the youngest of the chicks.
Matilda again!
I have been working on a new bed. I should be cleaning out the ones I already have! I did spray weed killer yesterday as a start! Of course, as soon as I mixed it in the sprayer, the breeze picked up!
Y'all come back!


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