Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Apron

I made this apron along with 2 more like it last year. Two were given away as Cookie Exchange Party prizes. It was a cut and sew panel.

I love vintage jewelry too! I also received an apron as a gift. I will post it soon. I just figured I better hurry with the Christmas stuff!
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Global Warming-the unpopular side

I recently read an enlightening article concerning Global Warming. To read it for yourself go to I try to avoid political subjects, but I feel this view deserves some of the same notice that the manmade global warming advocates have been receiving in the media. Decide for yourself.
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Yippee! Goldfinches

Happy, Happy! I have goldfinches at my feeder! I also spotted a White-eyed Vireo today. They are tiny and fast moving, so no photo--I will try if I see them again. I need to ask Santa for a zoom lens for my camera. I cropped the photo to make the birds seem closer/larger. In the process, sharpness suffered! When the the birds are active outside, I am NOT active--too busy watching them!
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Card!

I was running late, as always, getting our Christmas Card designed and printed! We took the photo while celebrating Christmas at Pop and Barb's on Sunday, December 21. I didn't work on the design until Tuesday. I was busy with the 5th Annual Cookie Exchange Party that my sister-in-law and I host, on Monday.
And the inside! I usually use a song I like as the inspiration. This year it was Alabama's "Christmas is Love". This is the first printing. I gave them credit for the words on the rest of the cards! Anyway, I got the card designed and printed on Tuesday, and mailed on Christmas Eve.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas Day

Brian was camera shy on Christmas morning. I don't think he had fixed his hair!
The guys found these pants in their stockings!

Dustin had gotten a bow at the Renfaire(early Christmas gift). He received arrows, arm guard and target under the tree. He is proud of his Bull's Eye.

We had an English themed Christmas Day. Breakfast was Apple Scones. Dinner was Rib Roast with Roasted Potatoes, Peas with Pearl Onions and Yorkshire Puddings-recipes from Martha Stewart Living magazine. Dessert was an assortment of cookies from our Cookie Exchange. (Due to technical difficulties with photos, the Cookie Exchange post is yet to come!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

At Grandma's in the country!

Christmas Eve is always spent at Grandma Bessie's house! When the feasting is done and gifts have been opened, the outdoors usually calls. Paw Paw and Brian have been out here awhile. Where could they be?

Ah, there they are on the next hill. It looks like the cattle have been fed.

The feed shed looks the same as always!

The haybarn never changes! Oh, the fun we had hiding among the haybales as children! Round bales aren't nearly as much fun as the traditional bales! But they ARE easier to feed!

The Chili Petin is lending a Christmas touch to the barnyard!

Paw Paw and Brian are heading home.

I love old barns and fences!

What could Dustin be contemplating?

And what is Paw Paw inspecting?

Where are those Eurasian Doves flying? And WHAT could Brian be texting?

GASP! How did that Deere get on the Zetor?

Who could have done such a thing to the Zetor?

We must inspect her closely for those Deere! None must escape!

This looks like the work of Uncle Brandon and Willie! Payback for the Zetor patch on that John Deere Cap!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let the Holidays begin!

Brian and his buddies started celebrating being out of school last Friday. This is the Saturday morning yard clean-up!

We had our Christmas at my Pop and Barb's on Sunday. I can never resist taking photos of Bug!
Since it was cold and windy, the boys enjoyed darts in the garage. (Heated for the occasion).

The grandkids/cousins received John Deere shirts and hats, eventhough Pop has a Zetor! Stand still, smile. Keep your hands to yourselves and look this way!

O.K. Fine, just be yourselves.

Hey, little brother take our photo for our Christmas card. Oops! Where did Pop come from and why is Brian half missing? Too much Christmas spirits?

Now for a photo of Grandma and Paw Paw. Brian, go away!

Hmm, this is the best of the shots. It will have to do!
I did get the cards made on the 23rd!
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Record snow on the Texas Coast in 2004

This is coastal South Texas it almost NEVER snows here. If it does, it is a thin layer of wet snow! Late Christmas Eve 2004, the snow began to fall! Brian made his first snow angel.
It really began to accumulate. We were excited beyond words! We stayed up relishing it until 2 a.m.. I was afraid to go to sleep thinking it would disappear overnight. I couldn't stop looking out the window. I finally fell asleep.

We were awake bright and early, which is typical of a Christmas morning. However, we didn't look under the tree. Instead, we looked outside!

The sight took our breath away. A foot of snow had fallen during the night. Snow was mounded delicately on everything.

The white peaceful silence was soon broken. Our family was soon outdoors romping and tromping in the powdery snow. The dogs were dumbfounded! There was no grass for taking care of "business".
The birdbath resembled a snowcone!
Our house seemed dressed for Christmas.

A Boogie Board was found to ride down a slope! Brian is taking his turn.

That year, we had Christmas at my Mom and Dad's the weekend after Christmas. There was still some snow left for the cousins to make a snowman. (This is my childhood home).

Brotherly cooperation! Is it because of Christmas or the snow?

The cousins are proud of their handiwork! A once in a lifetime event on the Texas Coast! Wonderful memories.
Ya'll Come Back,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Frenzy of Projects!

I mailed out the invitations to the cookie party that my sister-in-law and I have each year--well this is the 5th year! So I guess I better get busy on the prizes and favors, not to mention the menu and MY cookies to exchange!

Oh yes, and I need 32 mini stockings for my Pre-K students. I better get busy cutting out and sewing those!

Don't look so forlorn, Honey. I will have time for a belly rub soon! You are getting to lounge on the one and only quilt that I have made!
I have made aprons as prizes for the "Most Spirited Outfit" and the "Best Presentation of Cookies" each year. I decided to try one of these patterns this year. Can you tell that my least favorite part of sewing is searching for the pieces for the apron that I am cutting out? I prefer to dig through them ONE time.

Back to those stockings. They are sewn. The "cuff" is just a strip of felt hot-glued around the top. Time for a break to admire the pedicure I gave myself the other evening.

Meg at Whatever posted a wonderful gift idea. She made crayons with silicone letter molds that are meant for baking. I was wandering through Target and found a Christmas silicone mold. I tried these this evening. I think they are precious! My sweety was even impressed when I showed them to him! Thanks Meg!

I am also finished with my students' stockings. They will hold a crayon (if I can get enough made!) and a wooden spinning top that flips over as it spins. The stocking is a great size for a Christmas tree ornament. I have been making these for 23 years. I started out making them for my oldest son's cub scout group. I made them the colors of each years uniform kerchief.

I have started the prize aprons. In the past, I made Christmas aprons. I decided to make "anytime" aprons this year! Well, I fell in love with this fabric and decided to make "anytime" aprons!
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