Saturday, September 24, 2011

One evening

 We finally got a little rain in South Texas, so the grass has greened-up a bit. Mornings and evenings are a nice time to be outdoors, but the daytime temps are still in the mid 90's.
 Rascal has really grown and no longer looks like a kitten.
 That makes me kinda sad!
 I often see deer just outside my yard fence. That evening, I saw 2 bucks and 3 does.
 They didn't hang around when I went outside!
 I'm trying to decide if I should attempt a fall garden or not. We are still quite dry. I wanted to try planting Romanesco Broccoli. Of course, I still need to find the seeds.
I was awakened at 2:00 a.m. on Thursday morning, by the stinging of a scorpion. That was my third time to be stung on my finger while sleeping in my bed.(In about 5 years) I'm trying to get my husband to switch sides of the bed with me. haha He's not going for it.
Y'all come back,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fridge Love!

 After the first new fridge was replaced with the second new fridge because the ice-maker wasn't working, I am in love with it! The replacing part was a pain. It meant moving a curio cabinet and my antique sewing maching/end-table. It also meant removing the front door. Twice, mind you.
 But now! Ahhh, so much space. (Also, no out-of date food or dabs of unrecognizable left-overs! Maybe I shouldn't admit that one!)
 I love the bottom freezer drawer. It is a Frigidaire Gallery. I think we have now replaced all of the appliances that were installed when we built this house 13 years ago--dishwasher, range, hot water heater, AC/heating unit and now fridge.
Y'all come back,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Mum and a Fridge.

 The week of Homecoming and fridge woes is over! This is my worktable in mum-making chaos! I was rather anxious about making my first mum. I am so indecisive!
 When it came time for the long streamer ribbons, I had to move to the floor.
 Voila, the finished mum for Destiny. The hat is in honor of her being in the drill team.

 This is Brian's mum-garter made by Destiny's mom. I am so glad she finished it last weekend and sent it home with Brian. It helped me so much to have an example to follow.

 The cute couple in their finery. Please notice that his tie was chosen to coordinate with her dress!
Now for a photo with the mums.
Drought vs Rain update! We are finally getting rain--which is why the photos had to be taken indoors! The rain is so desperately needed that we can't complain about that inconvenience.
Hopefully, the fridge saga is over with the delivery of the second fridge this morning. More on that later.
Y'all come back,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Aprons-New and Vintage

    I finally finished this apron during the summer. I think I started it LAST summer!
 I think it is such a feminine and flirty pattern.
 This sweet vintage apron was a gift from my sweet SIL. She gave it to me after the first week of school.
 I love the color and print of the fabric.
   I'm starting to catch up a bit at school. Things have been extra busy at home. My bottle tree fell. We made a concrete base for it to replace the wooden stand.
   Our garage/egg/drink fridge went out. That meant fridge shopping and swapping. We moved the kitchen fridge that is 13 years old into the garage and put a new fridge in the kitchen.
   My son is also attending his first homecoming dance. This has meant shopping for some dress clothes. I am also making my first Homecoming Mum. According to information on the internet, this is a tradition that is observed in the states of Texas and Oklahoma. Hopefully, I will manage to take photos and share!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pears and Cherries

   On the Sunday between teacher-inservice and school starting, I made 3 loaves of bread and cooked and canned some pears. I was lucky to have a friend share some pears from her tree. All this cooking/baking made my  kitchen REALLY hot. I can't use a regular canning pot on my glass topped stove. I have a large pot and a strainer type insert to keep the jars off the bottom. It is not large enough for quart jars though. I am planning to get a propane burner and start using it on my patio for the water bath part of canning!
YES, that was 3 weeks ago, but I wanted to share my dresser first!
Y'all come back,

Friday, September 2, 2011

A treasure!

 I am thrilled to have this beautiful dresser that belonged to a dear departed friend's grandmother. I have always admired it and feel so honored to be entrusted with it.
 My husband, teenager and I spent the Sunday before school started playing musical furniture! I emptied my dresser, and we moved it to the teens room. I have the treasure. My husband emptied the bureau/chest of drawers, and we moved it to my craft room. My son emptied his dresser, and it is in our bedroom for my husband.(It is an old dresser that was at my Granny's and then in my parents' attic. My husband rebuilt it and refinished it. It was literally falling apart.)
 I love the beautiful details on my dresser. I was thrilled to receive TWO keys that go with it for the drawers.
 The mirror and perfume bottles also belonged to my friend. (She was also my Mom's best friend.)
 The blue bottles were my Mom's, the other items were my friend's. The school photo is my Dad and the other is my Mom and my Granny.
 The gold and glass "dresser set" were also my friend's grandmother's.
Yes, that Sunday WAS two weeks ago, and I am just now getting around to sharing!
Y'all come back,


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