Monday, April 27, 2009

Feathered friends? Furry Onlookers!

GASP! What do my little eyes behold?
"Well. Fluff my feathers! I never would have guessed!"

"Oh boy, toys for me to chase!"

I can't believe it. Peeps!
"We want to play too!"

"Who invited them?"

"We're not too sure about this. Our box wasn't SO bad."

"Wow, the scratching is great out here!"
I showed my sweety my photos and text. He rolled his eyes and called it "hokey". Oh, well, I can't impress everyone!
I haven't put the peeps out with the big girls full time yet. I let them spend most of the day on Sunday in the big girls' run with a separate area fenced off to hide in! I didn't let them visit after school today because we had thunderstorms. I did try to get Aretha and Ethel to go into the coop before the rain hit. They didn't cooperate. I caught one and put her in the coop. When I turned to pick up the other, the first would run back out. After nearly slipping and falling in the wet dirt, I gave up. I knew they would go in when the rain started. I just wanted to keep the inside of the coop dry since the wind was blowing into the doorway.
Ya'll Come Back,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The peeps are becoming increasingly curious about life outside of the box!
I caught this brave chick taking a look for herself!

It is NOT easy hanging onto the edge of a box.
"Hmm, explore or join the girls again?"

"Um, could you please move? I'm ready to come home!"
"Bombs Away!"
I am hoping to start introducing the Peeps to Ethel and Aretha this weekend.
Ya'll Come Back,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rain Happy and a Peep out of the Box!

We were blessed with several inches of rain in my area. Nearby areas had 6 and 8 inches! I think the river is actually predicted to reach a low flood stage! Hopefully all the stock tanks are filled! My yard happy. This is my happy Texas Wisteria.

This is a salvia. I don't remember the exact variety and am too lazy to walk into my bedroom to find my gardening notebook where I probably have it noted! It has frozen to the ground and come back for several years now.

Another Amaryllis is blooming.

Hmm, a little out of order here. This is the amaryllis before it opened.
Now to skip to another subject close to my heart. I came home from school today, and as usual, hurried out to check on my peeps. One had managed to get out of the box. She was not happy to be all alone. Thankfully, she didn't make much effort to get away from me. She could have made the job difficult considering all the clutter in my "barn". She seemed very happy to be back with the rest of the girls. I'm sorry I didn't get any photos. I was more concerned with catching her while I could reach her.
Ya'll Come Back,

Dustbath drama!

The first time I witnessed a chick doing the dustbath thing, I thought it was having a seizure or losing control of its legs! Luckily, I am more "experienced" in the ways of chickens now!
It truly looks like she is having a maniacal deranged fit.
I am starting to worry a bit about introducing them to Aretha and Ethel. Chickens can be very mean to newcomers and peck them relentlessly. I have heard several theories on this matter. One is to slip them into the coop at night while the original hens are sleeping. Another is to put them into the run within a separate enclosure, so that they can see and smell each other without actual contact. I am thinking of doing the separate enclosure within the run for several days. Then letting them out together when I can watch them, before putting them together all night. This would be simplified if I didn't have to leave my house by 6:45 each morning to get to work on time.
Ya'll Come Back,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pecking order!

The chicks are starting to change colors. Their new feathers have more brown in them.
This is definitely their adolescent phase.

They've started perching on the water and food bottle.

I've noticed one particular chick starting to establish her place in the top of the pecking order. She frequently pecks at the others'. I'm thinking of naming her Rosie. I've thought of going with "flower" names such as Daisy, Lily, Sunny, Buttercup and Blossom.
Ya'll Come Back,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Afternoon T.E.A.

I joined some family and friends and attended our local T.E.A. party! We happened to run into my uncle that lives an hours drive from here. He is retired and spent the day attending several parties.
It didn't take too long for the kids to get tired of standing and listening to speeches! Luckily, their Mom came prepared! Willie is a fan of Garfield just like his Dad (my baby brother)!

Alec was just plain bored!
He caught me watching him!

" Grown-ups sure like to talk!"

"I could be riding my bike."
"Are they finished yet?"
Ya'll Come Back,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New door!

Would you believe a sweet little Peek-a-poo did all that damage to the door?
We decided that since the door needed replacing, we would get a nicer door! Yippee, no more worrying about curtains!

Ahh, the nice new door with blinds in the window. Now if we can just keep the sweet little peek-a-poo from scratching this door. After we paint it, we plan to put a "kick plate" on it and possibly even something on the doorframe. The darling doggy sitting there is Honey. She is NOT the guilty party. She knows to bark when she wants "in".
Ya'll Come Back,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

When you live with guys!

I live in a house full of guys. I guess that is one reason I enjoy blogland so much. If not for my blogging friends, I would be overwhelmed with testosterone. One challenge led to another. First Dad and oldest son.
Then youngest son with oldest son's friend.

I wish he would put that much effort into his schoolwork!
Dad and oldest son giving it a try left-handed.

Youngest son showing off his biceps.

Presenting the flexing foursome-youngest son-Brian, oldest son-Dustin, Dad, and oldest son's friend-Will.
Once again, Biceps Brian, the one that started the whole thing this evening! Finally, Dad was declared the winner, and we all returned to the living room to be couch potatoes for the rest of the evening!
Ya'll Come Back!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter from the Peeps!

Happy Easter from Cackleberry Cottage and all the Hens and Peeps!
The chicks are growing and changing daily!

I love the way their new feathers are coming out in shades of brown.

They get pretty hysterical when I first lean over the box. I guess that is just an instinctive reaction since they must beware of hawks.
Awww, what sweet little faces!
And a sweet fuzzy butt! So long!
Ya'll Come Back!


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