Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hens vs. the garden

The girls love to spend time out of their run.
They ARE spoiled. I decided to plant some spinach and lettuce. I ran out of room in the planters I had lying around. I decided to put some in the garden, but I had to Chicken Proof an area first.
I had some of this plastic fencing in the barn, so I made a temporary enclosure for my spinach and lettuce. Grow little plants.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stars & Stripes on the Road!

Five members of Stars & Stripes attended the Texas Clogging Council's Rally in Waco this weekend. Join us here.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ready for Valentine's and Clogging!

I have put up my Valentine's decorations! I just bought this feather wreath. I didn't even wait for the price mark down! I was afraid they would be gone, and it is perfect with my feather tree!
My feather tree is dressed for Valentine's day.

Father and son are doing some vehicle maintenance-just a photo that was handy!
I am excitedly preparing and packing for a "girls trip" to Waco for the Texas Clogging Council's Convention. After school today, I prepared for my sub, picked up Brian and a posse of friends, went to Wal-Mart, filled up with gas, went through a carwash, vacuumed out the Trailblazer while my hubby checked belts, tire pressure and fluids, straightened the kitchen,and washed a few loads of laundry.
I will begin to gather things for the trip tonight and actually pack in the morning. It is hard to be gone all weekend since weekends are also my "homemaker" time (laundry, cleaning, ironing, yardwork etc.)
I will also be entrusting care of the girls to the Mr..

I know he will take good care of them. The worry is that he leaves the house on Saturday morning well before dawn. He will have to open the coop for them. I hope the raccoons will have called it a night by this time! Of course, I will be taking my cameras with me, but it IS hard to learn a dance AND take photos! I have always been a multi-tasker, but that is beyond my skill! haha
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Gift inspires project!

I recently received this sweet medicine cabinet from a dear friend. I had several possibilities in mind for it.
I decided this spot would be its new home. But, I had always thought this little hallway was too dark. It was definitely too dark to allow one to view the contents of the medicine cabinet. I mentioned this dilemma to my personal handyman. He agreed. It had always been difficult to read the thermostat in this hallway!

SOOOO, a trip to Lowe's and numerous trips into the attic running wire etc. and we now have 2 recessed lights in the hallway and a dimmer switch around the corner!
Ahh! much brighter! Doesn't it look great?

I couldn't bear to have it empty, so I scavenged around the house for some appropriate knick-knacks to put in it. It is a perfect place to display one of my towels embellished with Swedish Weaving!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ebay Treasure!

I like to buy ink stamps, pads and paper punches when I can find them on sale or clearance.
This led to the need for storage! I wanted something pretty that I could put on top of my desk. I decided to browse on ebay and found this! It looks vintage, but I am not sure if it is authentic! I AM thrilled with it. Since the drawers are fabric lined, I want to line the bottoms with wallpaper scraps or something before using it for stamps.
With something new to add to my craft room, maybe I will get it cleaned up and more organized.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Oblivious Wet Hens!

Late last week I was covering pipes and my mandarin tree in anticipation of hard freezes for several nights. This weekend, we are experiencing mild temperatures with heavy rains and possible flooding.
My yard has plenty of puddles and mud!

The girls are out foraging with little regard for the wet weather!

They do look pathetic though!
Can chickens have bad hair days? I guess not.
How about ruffled feathers?
I have been fighting the "crud" since last week. I finally succumbed and stayed home from school this Thursday and Friday. I also went to the doctor. On Thursday, I hardly got out of bed because of terrible sinus headaches! Thankfully, I am feeling better today.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gifted Goodies!

I wanted to share some neat things I received for Christmas. The monogram candle is actually battery powered AND scented.
I have acquired quite a bit of silver jewelry. This set of jewelry keepers is made for silver! I love that the pockets are transparent!
The small one is the perfect size for weekend trips. I also received the sweet cardinal earrings!
This "medicine" display cabinet is from the same friend. I found the perfect place for it. Hopefully, I will get it hung soon. Thank you,Mum. After spending much of Saturday taking it easy with the "bug" that got me, I have been hard at work taking down the Christmas tree and decorations today.
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Friday, January 8, 2010

I have plenty I could blog about! BUT, I haven't been feeling too great the last few days. Some sort of chest burning, body aching, coughing bug has gotten into me. I have photos of goodies I made during the holidays, but didn't have time to post about. Now I don't feel like getting off the sofa to get the recipes! I have treasures from ebay and treasures gifted from friends to share, but I don't have photos. It is getting too dark by the time I get home for good photos! I've also had to spend extra time wrapping some outdoor faucets for our expected 19 degree low. (This is South Texas, and we seldom get that low!) SO I am sitting on the sofa with my cup of tea and warm blanket thinking warm thoughts. . .

...Summer camping at Goose Island State Park, and eating cold watermelon. (nephew-Devin, son-Brian, nephew-Walker)
... Sitting on the pier in the warm sun with the cool salty wind in my face. (Walker and Brian)
...Watching my tree monkeys in the live oak trees.
...Sweet puppies in the wildflowers. (Lexi)
... Curious doggies sniffing box turtles.

...Even sweating while digging trenches for electrical lines for the "barn" at the Ranch!
(Brian-son, Steven-brother, Devin-nephew)
...AAHH! then going for a cooling swim in the stock tank. (nephew-Walker and Trixie)
...1, 2, 3, SPLASH!
(in the water, brother-Steven holding Chase. nephew-Devin and Brian tossing Walker with Grandma Barb watching)
When the dog days of summer are here, I will be longing for the nose numbing wind of an arctic front!
For now I'm going for some chicken soup with a NyQuil Cold and Flu chaser!
Y'all Come Back,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I received this sweet Cardinal Spinner as a Christmas gift from my good friend Pat. It is so fun to watch it spin in the breeze.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh My Mandarins!

Several years ago I planted a dwarf Satasuma Mandarin tree. It is just a little over 3 feet tall. This year I picked a dozen mandarins off it. They are yummy! I think there are 2 left in the fridge.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tea time!

I am a coffee drinker and in South Texas, we drink Iced Tea year-round. But when the weather turns cold I get a craving for hot tea. I have been having a cup almost every day lately. Part of the fun is choosing an old cup and saucer. This Fire King Swirl cup and saucer are a set of 3 that were my Mom's. I guess one got broken.

This sweet box of teas was a gift for my birthday from a dear friend. Isn't it pretty?
And look what's inside, an assortment of teas to suit any mood!
What tea shall I have today and which cup shall I choose? Such fun. Thanks Mum.
Y'all come back!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Boys will be Boys!

Brian and I went out to my parents' house during Christmas break to help cut up his deer. Barbara fixed lunch and also invited my brother and his boys. I think Pop asked them to move the hayring.
Grandma Barb asked the boys to carry off some lemons that weren't edible!

They found a piece of insulation that had blown from somewhere.

What a bunch of rapscallions!

As usual wrestling was involved. It is what boys do! Walker and Chase attacked Brian's ankles.

Brian got Walker in a headlock!
Devin joined the fray.
What is Brian doing to Walker now? Chase still has his ankle! Grandma finally put a stop to their rough housing.
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