Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm still here. Just staying busy. I did a little rearranging on the patio. It all started with the new shelf from Hobby Lobby (only because it was 30% off). I already had everything on the shelf, well almost everything. The chicken on the left side of the top shelf was 50% off at Hobby Lobby. The patio still needs some tweaking. The pump sprayer doesn't belong there, but I had just been spraying mosquitoes. They WILL carry you away in the evenings. The back door needs to be re-painted since the paint did not adhere to the window frame!

A friend gave me the ceramic "bucket". I think I need to add some glass marbles or something to cover that florists foam! I was in a hurry to get things done before dark!

The old aquarium stand had been where the new shelf now sits. A wooden spool was in this corner, but critters liked to live in it! ( red wasps and a mouse)eeek! That blue pot with the wood is supposed to be a small fountain someday!A closer look at the shelf that started all the re-arranging. The Off bottle is another necessity because of the mosquitoes!
Oh, my another piece of poultry! I couldn't resist this while buying scratch grains at TSC. When it turns in the wind, it looks like the glass marble is going down the spiral.
I also put out some of my patriotic accessories in anticipation of summer. That sounds like I'm really on top of things, but it also means I just put away my EASTER accessories. Should I even admit that? I still need to put the red, white and blue lights on my front door grapevine swag, but the mosquitoes have talked me into waiting a few days.
Y'all Come Back,


  1. Looks good! I guess I'm the only person in the universe that can NEVER find anything good "on sale" at Hobby Lobby! Must be timing!!! Take care!

  2. Looks like a lovely patio to spend the evenings on...even with the insects from hell. ;)

  3. Your patio looks cozy and inviting, Lorilee! Nevermind the mosquitoes, just pass the can of Off around and light a few citronella candles and have a party out there!

    Love the little rooster wind thingie- I saw those at my local TSC and managed to control the urge to stick it in the buggy, but now that I've seen how cute they are hanging outside, I won't be that strong next time! *LOL*

  4. Love your new shelf. Love that hobby lobby. We planted some mosquito repellant plants in pots this year and put them on our patio. I'll let you know if they work or not. Mimi

  5. ohhh looks great ! Know what you mean about those skeeters.

  6. Looks great! LOVE that blue pot!!!


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