Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy being country!

I haven't been home much on the weekends, and when I am home, I am busy catching up. Brian and I went out to the Rocking HI Ranch for the opening of deer season. We didn't get any bucks, but both of my brothers and two nephews all did. There has been much digging and leveling to build a "pad" for a well. In doing so, lots of sandstone boulders were exposed. Pop now has them spread out around the place. I brought some that we were able to lift home.

The largest is at the edge of the stock tank. We refer to it as the fishing rock.
On Veteran's Day, we went to my Grandmother's house and trimmed trees with my Dad and Stepmom. Pop taught Brian how to use the Pole Saw.
Brian was hard to stop once he got started!
My stepmom, Barb, and I got to drag the limbs to the tractor to be hauled to a burn pile. We also raked the whole backyard.
Y'all come back,


  1. You've been busy! We need to do some tree trimming before winter really sets in. Mimi

  2. Looks like your menfolk have been keeping busy, Lorilee! Keeps them out of trouble! *LOL*

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all your kind words!!! Y'all have been busy, I need some tree trimming done... could you send some of the men folk?



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