Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clogging weekend!

It was a clogging weekend! I attended the Texas Clogging Council's Clogging Rally in Waco with my clogging group, Stars and Stripes Cloggers. We had a wonderful time. We took two vehicles and 5 junior cloggers with us. One of the vendors was selling foot and body massagers. We thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration! See the huge smiles on our faces!
The Rally began with dances being taught on Friday afternoon. Friday evening was the Fun Dance. They played songs from the "Texas Dance List" for clogging, and called the steps to the dances. I tried hard to keep up!

There were dances taught all day on Saturday. Martha and I were really concentrating to remember the steps. We also went to a class on the "Drag, Slide" technique. The instructor was great, but I am not sure I am ready to work it into my steps yet!
A friendly fellow rally goer took a photo of our whole group. On Saturday night there was an Exhibition Program. The groups that performed were wonderful. Thank you, Martha for letting me use your photos! I was too lazy to get my camera out most of the time!
We left on Sunday morning after having breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I found some chicken goodies to bring home with me at the gift shop!
Every chicken owner MUST have a chicken coffee mug!
AND a rooster tassle!
FUN FUN FUN, but on Monday, I was TIRED TIRED TIRED! I'm so glad it is Spring Break.
Y'all Come Back,


  1. Ooooh~ I'm green with envy over your cute chickie goodies, Lorilee!
    It sure looks like you all had a good time... I'll bet you ARE worn out!

  2. I can imagine you were tired on Monday, but a good tired. It looks like you had a fun day!

  3. Love your chicken things. Clogging, never tried that ,looks like you had fun. I took all kinds of dance when I was younger but never clogging. Have a great day !

  4. That coffee mug is just too cute! Love the tassel too - might have to see about one of those for a friend who loves roosters. (I can save it for her Christmas bag! - I think farther ahead than I actually act)

  5. The clogging WAS so much FUN! The massagers were devine! We needed them Sunday night ... LOL...
    I love your chicken mug --- she is sooo cute. The breakfast was delicious too -- and the shopping was fantastic . I love Cracker Barrel! I guess it's a good thing we don't have one here --- makes finding them out of town so enjoyable to shop in.

  6. Could you tell me where you found the chicken mug and/or the makers mark on the bottom. I would LOVE to find one of these for my chicken-loving daughter! It's exactly what I've been searching for! you can e-mail me at hqlane [at] yahoo.com


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