Monday, March 4, 2013

An egg theme!

 It is Pysanky time again. This is my second egg this spring. I should have taken it out to the patio for better lighting, but it was also windy. Wind and blown egg shells are not a safe combination. I use designs from books that I purchased at the Ukrainian Gift Shop online. 
 I just received this old egg from a friend. Any guesses as to what it is? 
 My total Pysanky collection. The egg on the far right with the acorns and oak leaves is the first one I made this spring.  I took some photos of the eggs as I made them with my cell phone. Maybe I'll share them soon. If you are interested, I have several more posts about Pysanky. Just look for Pysanky under labels on the left side bar.
I had to include one of my egg layers chasing Bella!  Blossom is top of the pecking order in the henhouse.  I guess she thinks she is over cats too.


  1. the eggs are beautiful! love the hen vs. cat!

  2. Your eggs are so beautiful!! It must take you hours to paint them!!! We saw these in Germany in many of the shops! Such a fear that they would break kept me from buying them. I bought wooden eggs for my girls to paint and they look forward to seeing them when I get them out once a year. Lovely work!!
    You must find out what the use is for the egg with handle -- to crack a hard boiled egg?

  3. I can't imagine the time it took to make these gorgeous eggs. How talented you are and what beautiful eggs you can display.

  4. My those spring eggs are gorgeous! Can't help myself from laughing at the last photo, poor Bella. Got my eye on your next posts.


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