Friday, June 28, 2013

Nostalgia in a cake!

 My mom made this cake regularly. Jello Poke Cake! We had a homemade dessert after almost every meal. It is a perfect dessert for the current hot weather. Bake a white cake according to the cake mix directions. Cool in the pan for 15 minutes, and then poke with a fork or chopstick at 1/2 inch intervals. 
Dissolve a 3 oz. package of jello in 1 cup of boiling water. Add the cold water and spoon over the cake while still in the pan. Chill and top with cool whip or homemade whipped topping. We loved this cake made with watermelon jello! I used Black Cherry Jello and flavored my whipped topping with almond flavoring. YUMMY!
The perfect quick and cool dessert for summertime.
Y'all come back and say hello!


  1. Oh looks YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  2. I have not had a jello poke cake in years... they were so good! We'll try one this coming month!

  3. I love this cake too. My favorite is lemon jello Mimi

  4. When I was growing up we had some sort of dessert every night. My grandmother made amazing desserts. Now we have fruit as dessert to save our bodies.

  5. A tried and true treasure of a cake. I love this type of recipe. One that is foolproof and always a delicious crowd favorite.


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