Saturday, September 12, 2009

Angel Trumpet Blooms

My poor Angel Trumpet has been so neglected this summer. I never got it properly planted. It has had to live in a little plastic pot! It has overcome these obstacles and is covered in beautiful blooms!
I am thinking that I should plant it right where the pot is sitting. It seems to like the spot!
It appreciates our recent rainy weather too.
It is so nice to sleep late this Saturday. My 14-year-old also seems to be getting over his flu (my guess according to the symtoms). There is also more rain in the forecast, so I am happy!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Oh plant your little plant. I have wanted one of those for several years.

  2. Hi Lorilee,
    Glad to hear your son's feeling better. Nasty flu! What a beautiful flower. I have a yellow trumpet vine (not as beautiful as yours) that never bloomed. It's only the first year though. I bought it because the website said the hummers love them. I hope it blooms next year because I'm tired of cleaning the feeder! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Loretta

  3. Lovely! I call this the "wedding dress flower" .

  4. You have beautiful blossoms. I hope your son continues to feel better. Blessings to you.

  5. Gorgeous! I like Jen's name for this flower-most fitting!


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