Monday, July 19, 2010

After several days of intensive sewing, I finished the aprons just in time for the wedding. We traveled 6 hours to Allen, a suburb of Dallas, for the wedding.
Shadow, a.k.a. Beasty, kept me company much of the time!

I made matching his and hers Texas A & M aprons. This is the "hers" with the lace on the pocket! "His" was plain! Both the bride and groom are Texas A & M students.
This is the "fancy" apron! It was such fun to make!

I love poofy bows!
The wedding was beautiful. It was great to spend time visiting with family. It also wasn't too bad staying in a hotel with fresh towels provided and beds made--all not my ME!
Y'all come back,


  1. OMG! I LOVE that red and white one. Would you concider making me one if I paid you???? Pleeeeeeeeease!

    I have a collection of aprons and I would so honored to add this to my collection.


  2. Cute aprons!! Nice blog! Check out our blog at

  3. They are so cute! I love the red one as well! How nice for the groom to get one, too. I need to make an apron for a friend, just add it to my long to-do list!
    Oh and I could do with a little room service myself! No, what I really need is a maid! Don't see that happening, ever!

  4. You are so clever, I just love the apron. I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed your stay in a hotel.

  5. Love these aprons!! I like the red and white one best....

  6. Wow! Those aprons are so cute, especially the one with the tiers and the big bow.

  7. Your aprons are beautiful. Do you use a pattern or these your own design. I would love to try to make the red one!!!


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