Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Texas Day trip!

Sweety and I took a day trip to "the valley" as South Texas is called. Not sure why because it isn't a valley, it is just a lot of flat land! Our first stop was Double D Statuary. We have driven by, but we had never been able to stop before. My sweety has given me a St. Francis statue from there.
I thought the Geckos were cute!

These human skulls were pretty creepy. They could come in handy for Halloween, but storage could be an issue!
I think this rattler would be a bit too startling in my flowerbeds!

The flock of giant roosters was quite interesting, especially with my very own Rooster standing among them!
I put this sweet little bird bath on my "wish" list!

We noticed this very "to the point" sign as we were leaving. It made me think, "You might be in Texas if..."

This sweet little Horned Toad came home with me--paid for of course, not in my pocket!

This tiny hen sits on my patio shelf . Double D Statuary also has painted statuary for sale. I usually prefer plain, but I liked the little hen painted up! From here we headed South to Kingsville.......
Y'all Come Back,


  1. I love the big tall rooster...not yours but the other ones! ;D
    I also love the red apron you made below...wowza!

  2. Love the sign! hilarious!!! Definitely looks like something that could be found in La. as well. and the gecko is adorable



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