Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice, crafting, and shopping!

The cold winter weather made it all the way to South Texas. We didn't get any snow, but we had ice. It had us shut down most of Friday! I looked at it as a reason to stay indoors and work on a new project.
Samson took advantage of the soft bed in my craft room, and kept me company.
I am making banners for Easter. I hope to include them as part of the prizes for Bunco when I host in March. I am hand-cutting all of the letters since I don't own a "Cricut" or one of the other nifty computerized cutting appliances!
On Saturday, I received an email on my phone from my baby brother. He and my SIL were at an awesome Estate sale. He sent me two photos showing all the glassware that was for sale. Of course, I had to drop what I was doing and rush over! I didn't buy any of the dishes. I liked some, but I didn't like the prices! I may go back when they have marked everything down, and see what is left.

I thought this overnight case was worth $4. I can think of plenty of uses--craft storage, craft tote, camera case, or even toiletry case!
The inside is even in good shape. It also has the plastic tray and two soap containers still in it.
I also found a flower frog ($4), nail clippers ($1 each) and a 100 foot Lufkin aluminum tape measure for ($12). I didn't find any dishes, but I left a happy shopper!
Our DVR has been freezing up. We have a new one on its way, but we weren't able to watch the Super Bowl. Instead, we watched "Julie and Julia" on Net Flix.
Y'all Come Back,


  1. Awesome post and photos ! I heard of your rotten weather from the news. Stay safe and warm and have a good day !

  2. The weather has been crazy. I think we will have snow on the ground until April! I love making banners, too. Have fun making yours.

  3. Sorry about your bad weather, Lorilee... very good excuse to stay indoors and craft, though!
    I love your finds- I have a little overnight case like that I found at a flea market years ago...I use it as a notions box, so it's great for keeping some of my sewing supplies handy.

  4. It's been a cold winter here too. Our yard and estate sale season doesn't start til it thaws out a bit. You got some great things. Mimi


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