Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am so happy to say good-bye to winter and hello to spring! I like to spend my evenings after school outdoors! My Sombreuil rose is looking lovely.
Old Blush is also putting on quite a show!
If all these blooms equal satsuma mandarins, I will be well-supplied!
Sweet Oxalis and Vinca Minor.
Marigolds making their own sunshine!
I love Gerberas!

I had hoped to order several varieties of daylilies to add to my garden, but I don't want to spend the money with the price of gas cutting into the monthly budget. I am now carpooling with a couple of co-workers to help that issue. It is a 26 mile round trip from my house to my campus.

Y'all Come Back,



  1. Wonderful photos. I love all Daisy flowers they are soo pretty heck I love all kinds of flowers lol. Have a wonderful spring day !

  2. Beautiful variety of colors, Lorilee!

  3. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing as we are still ankle deep in snow! Mimi

  4. I love all the blooms and I still love your bottle tree. It is still cool here in the north east, no lingering outside for me!

  5. Beautiful flowers. Love your bottle tree!!! I'm working on one for my backyard - I have kind of a bottle 'bush' in the front yard. :)

  6. How pretty! Just starting to get a few spring blooms here in Michigan. How neat it is to see the roses on a bottle tree.


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