Sunday, August 7, 2011

Supermodel Kitty!

 First of all, sniff sniff, I don't call him Baby Kitty anymore. (Remember, I feel like his Momma after bottle-feeding him until he was ready to lap up his kitten formula. I even rubbed him down with a damp papertowel to mimic a momma cat's grooming! sniff sniff. He grooms himself now!) My baby is growing up too fast. Little Kitty, I still don't call him Bernard, loves to play outside when I let him. With the heat that pretty much means in the mornings and evenings.
He usually comes to me which can make photography a tad difficult!
But then, sometimes something else catches his eye!
But not for long. He sees me again.
 He's after my dangling camera strap!
Finally some cooperation with the photographer!
 This is not "meowing", he is panting! Little Kitty is not accustomed to the heat because he stays inside most of the time!
Ready to pounce AGAIN! Pouncing is his favorite past time.
He doesn't stay in one place long unless he is sleeping. Hmm, maybe that's when I should be taking his picture.
Y'all come back,


  1. Oh he's soo cute ! Great photos ! Have a wonderful day and stay cool !

  2. he is just beautiful! nothing cuter!

  3. aw, what a sweet little kitty! He's got quite an intense gaze :)

  4. What a sweet little kitty! He looks much like my Xavier. I enjoyed reading about him.

  5. What an adorable kitty full of life! If I have any chicken questions I am going to give you a hollow!


  6. A beautiful boy with a sweet face.

    Inside is much safer for him anyway!

  7. He is so cute! The one where he is panting he looks like he's laughing! *grin*

  8. Aww.. he is adorable!! Diego (our inside cat #3- gah!) was abandoned by his mom (outside cat #1 who has since been spayed!) and a vet tech raised him for me. She used to take pictures of him with his bottle and stuff to share with me. It's amazing how quickly they grow up!


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