Friday, August 5, 2011

Watch out "Cake Boss"!

My friend, Bernadette, and her daughter, Sarah, came over on Thursday afternoon for some cake decorating fun. We started with making the buttercream frosting, sealing the crumbs with a thin layer, the final frosting and smoothing with plastic wrap.
Sarah did a little piping, but young hands have difficulty with the pastry bag! She LOVED using fondant. I had some leftover fondant from the "Giraffe Cake". I used this recipe for the fondant.
I think fondant is a great way for the younger crowd to decorate cakes. It is so similar to using playdough!
She did an awesome job.
I love her look of concentration.
I certainly had fun, and I'm pretty sure she did too!
Watch out "Cake Boss". (It is her favorite show.)
Y'all come back,


  1. how sweet! i bet she had fun making her masterpiece!

  2. MMMM LOOKS YUMMY ! I love cake ! Looks wonderful a great job ! Have a wonderful day !

  3. She sure is a cute young gal and how fun for her! Catching up with you here, such a darling kitten! :D

  4. What a beautiful cake. I love when children have an interest in baking or cooking. It really is a wonderful way to connect and bond.

  5. And what a sense of accomplishment she must have had! Very pretty.

  6. thats VERY pretty, what a great job!

  7. Very pretty cake! She and her mom are so much fun, too -- I'm sure ya'll had a fun day. Great job, Sarah!!


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