Monday, October 3, 2011

A Toe Tale

 Rascal is just plain nosey. He has to climb onto and into everything.
 He thought checking out the fountain was fun UNTIL---
 he got his toes wet.
 I finally found and tried one of the new nail products by Sally Hansen. Unlike Rascal, MY toes stayed dry. I love houndstooth, so I tried it first. I found I could use one strip on two of my smaller toes. I applied to one toe, filed it off and then placed the other end onto another toe.
These also look fun. HEB Plus had coupons, so I splurged. Have you tried them. What did you think?
Y'all Come Back,


  1. Too cute. Love houndstooth as well. It is great for fall. May have to try these since I mess up my painted toes quickly.

  2. Such a cute kitty.
    No I havent tryed this type of nail polish . Good to splurge on ones self every now and then. Have a wonderful day !

  3. No, but they are cute!

    Rascal reminds me of my Scooter.

  4. Those are some wild looking toes!

  5. Love'm. My daughter has tried them. I may have to now!


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