Sunday, November 6, 2011

 I am officially in love with black for accents! Last weekend, I painted the shutters along with the front and back doors. We had not yet replaced the kickplate on the front door when I took the photo.
 This weekend, the Mr. added a kickplate to the backdoor, along with a "scratch plate" on the door frame! The kickplate is off-center because the precious dogs scratch at that side of the door! I also repainted the inside and outside of a side door that leads into our garage. I don't have a photo yet.
The Mr. also finished the rat-proof window covers he started last weekend.
We used old-fashioned wooden screen brackets to hang them.
This is why the "covers" are needed. Rats have chewed holes in all three window screens in my garden shed.
We decided to put the "cover" on the inside of the loft window. It is hinged so that it can be opened to allow access to the window.
These are next. The one on the right has already been sanded. With all the painting, I haven't had time to vacuum or mop my house! I also have lots of ironing that is piling up! Oh, and I need to pack up the Halloween stuff and put out the Thanksgiving decor. Maybe next weekend!
Y'all come back,


  1. I decided today, floors don't have to be mopped routinely. No one has shown me the law that said they did.

  2. Love the black accents. The stools are going to be nice. I've been putting off mopping too. I have to be in the "mood!!!" Hope your Monday is a good one.

  3. All looks wonderful.Papa has been busy in his wood shop as well. I have to mop every day with our Miggy in and out all the time so what I do is just get the swiffer wet jet out and clean up the fresh paw prints on my light coloured wood floors and thats even after we towel dry them lol no matter what we do she always finds mud lol. Have a wonderful day !

  4. sounds like some good home projects going on there!

  5. Very neat. I really luv the windows above your doors. I told my hubby I wanted him to put some interior windows above 2 of ours. Now, he might have to do a few exterior ones!

  6. That is a lot of work, but the end result is great! The stools are going to look nice as well. There will be time to clean later!

  7. I love the rat windows! Doors are pretty too. LOL!

  8. I love black accents on a house - we have them too!
    Nice job on the windows!
    Thank you for always stopping by!
    The Parisienne Farmgirl

  9. You've been getting a few things done. I definitely have ironing to do too. Mimi


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