Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veterans' Day!

 Some of our clogging group, Stars and Stripes Cloggers, performed in the Calhoun High School's Tribute to Veterans on November 11. The faculty and students did a wonderful job honoring our nations veterans. We were honored to be able to participate. Sadly, I don't have any photos to share.
 I took some photos around my yard that afternoon, so I'll share them.  I love the way my Ruby Crystals grass looks in the setting sun.
 Actually, I love the way the whole yard looks in the setting sun!

Little Rascal, you better stay home!
Y'all come back,


  1. Cute kitty pic. Well actually they are all good pictures

  2. Ruby Crystals grass - what a perfect name for that gorgeous grass. i've always loved native grasses as much as wildflowers. thanks for these lovely pix!

  3. The Ruby Crystals grass is gorgeous. Great pictures.

  4. Love that weathervane with the cardinal. So cute! Mimi

  5. You have a lot of cool stuff in your yard! :) Great pics! Kitty has the deer in the headlights look...Drats! Caught!

  6. Love the look the kitty is giving you! I too love how the setting sun lights up the dry grass and the forest. It seems to spotlight each thing it hits.


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