Friday, December 23, 2011

Feathered Friends!

I just wanted to share a couple photos of my feathered friend visitors. I was thrilled when this Blue Jay came to the little fountain just outside our living room window AND stayed long enough for me to grab my camera!
I also have two hummingbirds that did not continue their southerly migration. I think they are Rufous hummers. I have a feeder hanging from the eaves outside my kitchen window, so I get a close-up view.
Of course, I am in the throes of Christmas preparations. My SIL and I hosted our 8th Annual Cookie Exchange on the 20th. We actually managed to take our family Christmas photo BEFORE Christmas this year. I am currently working on the card. I also have some more time in the kitchen ahead of me. Sadly, I can't seem to keep up and post in REAL time!
Merry Christmas,


  1. both photos are great! i hope your hummingbird friends make it thru the winter okay!

    now, pass a christmas cookie, please! :)

  2. Nice photos ! Have a very Merry Christmas !

  3. Lovely bird photos. It is such a busy time of year...sometimes it is nice just to take a break and watch the birds.

    I've got 2 hummers at my feeder as well. I think they are Rufous females. Not sure if they are going to stick around.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!


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