Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Hobby

First, I found a quilled snowflake pattern on Pinterest. Hmm, I haven't tried quilling. I think I'll give it a try.  So, I went to Hobby Lobby for some quilling paper and a quilling tool. I found a kit with patterns and paper just for snowflakes. One evening after the Christmas rush had settled, I gathered my supplies-the kit with its papers and patterns, the quilling tool, straight pins, scissors, glue, and the tweezers from my serger.
I also found some cardboard and laid plastic wrap over it with the pattern I wanted to try first sandwiched in the middle. It is a bit tedious at first, but it gets easier! I hope to make a garland out of them.
Of course, I'll need to make more than one!

Now to the downer!
The Friday before New Year's Eve, the Mr. and I were grabbing a burger at our favorite family owned burger place, when I started having pain in my side. I tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away. It was the same feeling I had about 15 years ago when I had a kidney stone. We skipped dessert at Cherry Berry and rushed home. I found some pain meds and crawled into bed with my Bed Buddy (a rice-filled sock for heating). Luckily the meds worked and the pain got better. The next day, I managed to prepare my dried beef cheese ball, corn dip, and bacon wrapped dates to take to our New Year's Eve celebration at my brother and SIL's house. I only experienced a few twinges all evening. We had a great time. New Year's Day was also almost pain free. I awoke Monday morning and got dressed for a teacher inservice and work day at school. On my way the pain started returning. I ended up turning around and coming back home nearly in tears. I took more meds and returned to bed, but after several hours the pain was still horrible. My husband took me to the ER. It seemed to take FOREVER for them to give me a pain shot! I was so thankful when it took effect. I had a CT scan that showed a 6mm stone blocking my kidney. I ended up checking into the hospital and having a stint put in that evening to unblock the kidney. I am currently at home on meds waiting for another procedure to rid me of the stone. I am not sure which of a couple procedures my urologist plans to use, but I am anxious to say good-bye to this stone.
I told my husband this is the earliest in the year that we have ever met our medical insurance deductible. It may also be the latest our Christmas decorations have ever stayed out!
Y'all come back,


  1. terribly sorry about the hospitalization! hope you are thru this soon! the snowflake looks great, though!

  2. Your snowflake is gorgeous!! Not sure if I have the patience to make one.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your kidney stone. I've heard these can be extremely painful. I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you.

    PS I have the same recipe you use for your Corn Dip. It is always a big hit at parties.

  3. Oh girl, that sounds horrible!

    Get well soon.

    I do luv the snowflake. Very pretty!

  4. Beautiful snowflake!

    Awful kidney stone! Hope you'll be better soon. Never had a k.s., but have had gallstones...that puppy is out forever now. :)

  5. Oh Lorilee, that sounds so painful. I have been fortunate not to have one yet, but I felt your pain as I read your blog! What a way to start the New Years!
    But on the good side, your snowflake is beautiful. I haven't tried quilling yet. Looks like alot of patience!
    Hope you are feeling better!
    Hugs, Ann

  6. Kidney Stone...ouch - I trust you are feeling much better

  7. Bless your heart, honey~ that must have been awful! I've been blessed to have never experienced a kidney stone (knock on wood and thank goodness) but from what I've heard it's extremely painful.
    By the way~ your snowflake is gorgeous!


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