Monday, March 5, 2012

Lent is Pysanky time

Last Saturday was a Pysanky day for my SIL, Marie, and I. Pysanky are Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  She brought "Bug" along. Rascal sure liked the way she scratched his head.
We each finished 2 eggs. We started mid-morning and worked all day, stopping for lunch and supper.
David kept us company when he returned from work.
Hannah, a.k.a. Bug, taught Uncle David how to play Angry Birds! They had a blast.
Since the head scratching was over, Rascal took a nap in my Pysanky supply suitcase!

Supplies for Pysanky include a table cover, pattern books, beeswax, candles, blown out egg shells, rubber bands, vinegar, dyes, paper towels, pencil, and kistky. I ordered my dyes, pattern books, beeswax and kistky from . I currently have 12 dye colors mixed in quart canning jars. I really need to buy more jars and mix my remaining colors.
This is the first egg I made this year.
This was the third that I finished on Sunday.
I also made the egg on the far right on Saturday. David requested an egg with a Scottish thistle to represent his Scottish roots. The rest of the eggs are from last year. So far, I have only lost one egg to breakage. Rascal is to blame! So I no longer display them on the table. They now reside behind glass doors with my Depression glass and other breakables.
Y'all come back,


  1. my gosh, these are beautiful! your granddaughter is precious, and that ragdoll of a cat is too funny!

  2. WOW! Beautiful job.

    lol...cute must be something about those gray/white tabby cats. The 2 at my house are both characters.

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! What talent and skill you have to make them.

    AKA Rambling Wren. I tried to sign in as rambling wren, but wasn't able to. I guess that is what happens when you have 2 blogs! oops.

  4. BEAUTIFUL eggs! So is your niece...I see where she gets her nickname. LOL!

  5. How perfect! My hands shake too much to do that but I wish I could. I used to have a friend from high school who made them. You are both extremely talented.


  6. The eggs are quite beautiful! Wow.

  7. Lorilee, I have nominated you for the Libester blog award! If you would like to participate, please come by my blog and see my post. If you wish to pass it on to five others, please do. You need to post the blog award picture on your blog, link back to me when you tell about winning, and then nominate 5 new people (giving their links) and let them know. Congratulations!

  8. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing these pictures!

  9. Hi there, I am visiting from Marie over at A Colorful World. So glad she provided your link today. This is a sweet post.

  10. Oh, these are just gorgeous! Such artistry! Lots of painstaking care given to each. I love them! Sorry I didn't take the time to look when I left my last message...and don't worry if you won't be accepting the award because you already received it. I hope you will have some new visitors! I see Denise has already come by!

    This looks like a wonderful sharing experience for the family, and I know your little "Bug" is enjoying the family tradition. Such a nice post!

  11. They are beautiful, what a nice tradition you have started. I remember seing them last year! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!


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