Monday, April 16, 2012

Where to start?

Where to start? I guess there is no real need to say that I have been busy! Most of my time after school has been spent outside working in my yard. My flowerbeds are FULL of weeds, so I have been weeding and mulching. I have also planted most of my veggie garden. I got a late start there. Hopefully, not too late!

 Computer time was spent editing photos for a group of youngsters that received their First Holy Communion. After having them printed, I had to sort and package them for mailing. Thankfully, Mr. CC made the trip to the post office for me. I will be taking photos for the Holy Confirmation group in a few weeks.
I have also managed a little bit of crocheting. I am working on an afghan now.
The chickens were thrilled with a little free-ranging time before I planted the garden! Chickens and seedlings don't mix!
Y'all come back,


  1. the chickens in the fountain are precious! :)

  2. The chickens are so funny drinking from the fountain. It really makes a great picture.


  3. Love your photos of the girls ! Sounds like you have and will be a busy gal. Looking forward to photos of the Communion ! Have a great day !

  4. I love the picture of your little chicks, so cute! I hope your vegetable garden is good to you this summer! I love fresh vegetables!

  5. So nice to see an update from you - you have been greatly missed! Your photos are precious. Hope you have great success with the garden this year. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. I love the pictures of all the girls! They look great near the water fall. I started late too on my vegetable garden and I'm constantly fighting the squirrels and rabbits.
    I haven't been blogging in awhile either. :)
    Hey, I like your Thomas Jefferson comment on your side bar :)
    Hugs, Ann

  7. Sounds like you have been busy!
    Hope you have a great garden this year!


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