Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sister TIme

 A few weeks ago, I rode with my SIL to take their oldest son to camp in the Texas Hill Country. As we were riding along the highway, I looked up to see several skydivers. By the time I got my camera ready, I only managed to get one! Then we noticed the sign for the Skydiving School.
 We stopped at a Buccee's. Of course we had to get some fudge there! Then we had to run into a Wal-Mart for some last minute items for my nephew's camp list.
 We ate lunch in Johnston City and had a quick tour of Lyndon B. Johnson's early childhood home.
 I loved this screen door and sleeping porch.
 I have always been fascinated with lightening rods.
 This is my SIL and nephew waiting for the tour of the home to begin.
 After leaving my nephew at camp and taking a quick drive through Inks Lake State Park, we ended up at Longhorn Caverns State Park. The caverns were closed, but we were able to explore the Observation Tower. It gave us a wonderful view of Falkenstein Castle.
From there, we drove to Austin to watch the Mexican Free-tail bats emerge from under the Congress Street Bridge. We definitely covered a lot of ground that day! We stayed the night at my SIL's aunts house. After church on Sunday, my SIL's two aunts joined on a trip to San Marcos and the Outlet Mall. We ate lunch and shopped until the stores closed! We headed for home.
  I unpacked and went to bed, only to be awakened with the news that Brian was fine, but had been in a wreck. (see previous posts)
Y'all Come Back, 


  1. the skydiving school has great marketing. :)

    LOVE that screen door and lightning rod, too! you covered a lot of ground. i'd have been exhausted!

  2. Lovely photos ! Sounds like you had a wonderful full day !

  3. Lorilee, thanks for the tour..I learn something new every day. Born and raised in Texas and didn't know anything about the castle. I'm gonna have to take a field trip!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of driving! I know because we lived in Ledbetter, near Giddings, for five and a half years and our daughter lived in Austin during that time. First of all, I have never seen that castle or even heard about it, and I feel deprived! I would have loved to have seen it! Secondly, I now wish I'd also gone to Johnson City (we drove through there a number of times) to sightsee and enjoy Johnson's childhood home and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. I always regretted not doing those things when we were there. I have since read the first volume of a four vol. bio of Johnson (whose political views I am not in line with) and have learned quite a bit about the Roosevelt era and about Johnson's early years, and I am fascinated by his lust for power! We were pretty poor in those five and a half years, with my husband in the aftermath of his heart attack, and unable to be employed as a pilot anymore (and us living off my paltry salary at a non-profit) so we didn't do a lot of fun stuff, I'm afraid! We did see the bats fly out from under the bridge in Austin and that was fun. I love the advertising for the skydiving school! Very funny!

    Maybe when I get back to TX for a visit with my dear dear friend there we can get together! I would love to meet you! I'm going to try to see Theresa (TexWisGirl) and also I just mentioned this possibility to Kathy of FKS Photo Journal. I'm sure none of you live close to each other, but I can sure try! :-)

  5. Sounds like our 2 day excursion. Packing it in tight. I would love to go to some of these spots!


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