Monday, December 10, 2012

Music on our patio

I know I am WAY behind in updates! We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This is our big purchase! We both love the sound of bass chimes. This set is called Whole Note. Hanging them was an adventure!

First, we planned to hang them on the other side of the patio. When my sweety went to put the hook in the ceiling, he kept catching just the edge of the rafter. After several holes, we got the hook in and hung them. THEN we decided the chimes were too long and just didn't work with our gas grill on that side. We didn't want to move the gas grill, SO we moved the chimes. At least this time the hook hit the rafter on center! Oh, did I mention that the chimes weigh 50 pounds! I stood in the middle of them, holding the ring. Sweety guided me up the small ladder while he was on the bigger ladder. Then he had to lift them onto the hook. Quite literally a pain to hang! Ouch my neck and back. They sound awesome!
Y'all come back,


  1. 50 lbs?! holy smokes! hope you don't get some fierce winds!

  2. WOW ! These are the biggest chimes I have ever seen , bet they sound lovely though . We have bamboo chimes all year round and in the summer I have my cow bell chimes and a butterfly with chimes, they all have different tones . Have a good day !

  3. So worth the pain! I saw some at a garage sale last summer for 3 dollars. Some other lady had them in her hands! So sad for me. Mimi

  4. I love wind chimes. I have one area of my yard where I have hung several small sets and its wonderful when the wind blows them all at once.

    Enjoyed visiting.

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