Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sweet Gifts!

I want to share some of the sweet Christmas gifts that I received this year. The Bath and Body Works goodies, bottle of wine and ornament are from 2 of my clogging friends. The wine bottle bag and ornament were made by my friend Martha. She is super-talented and has opened an Etsy shop.
She also  made this little "apron" for the wine bottle.
My sweety gave me these "King Ranch" shot glasses.
My teaching partner at school gave me this sweet fern.(along with an ivory poinsettia.)
One of my students brought these beautiul Meyer Lemons to me! I am hoping to plant my own tree this spring.
My sweety also gave me the "Conga Roo's" as I call them. They fit perfectly on a window ledge. 
This pretty Christmas Cactus was one of several gifts from my parents.
I had a very Merry Christmas!
Y'all come back,


  1. conga roos! ha ha!

    love the chickie apron, too! and the king ranch glass set!

  2. You did very well this Christmas! Love the color of your Christmas cactus!! I'll last you a life time!!

  3. Nice thoughtful gifts! I love Meyer lemons. Our daughter sent us some from FL before Christmas and the flavor is off the scale! If a tree will grow in your area that will be a good investment.

  4. I love those conga roos. That was a great gift. Very unique.

  5. I'd love to know where the conga roos can be found. Any idea?

  6. What wonderful gifts! LOVE those roosters! Hmmm...I really want to plant a lemon tree!


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