Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kitty in the Pot

The other day I looked out the window and noticed my kitty in an empty pot. She was watching something intently!
I don't think she wanted to be seen!
Watch out cardinals! My kitty is waiting for you to fly down for a bath or drink. (The above photos are cloudy because my window was not very clean!)
Kitty doesn't look happy to see me! I think I scared her birds away!
Y'all come back,


  1. I adore these photos of your kitty! So cute peeking out of the pot watching those birds. Wishing you a nice week.

  2. that is ADORABLE! smart little hunter and just as cute as can be!!! :)

  3. How darling! :-) I'm glad you scared the cardinals away, but your cat was being just TOO cute!

  4. What a cute cat. We are fostering my daughter's cat until May. One of her roommate developed asthma from the cat so my daughter asked us to take her. My daughter is devastated. We are doing our best to make the cat feel loved, but with the dog around its been difficult.

  5. Ha! That is too funny! She seems to think she's being very sneaky! And she blends in with the shadows of the pot!

  6. Soo cute! I've never seen a cardinal in real life. Hope to one day. Mimi

  7. Cats are so entertaining. I love to watch them too. Your cat is gorgeous.


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