Monday, February 3, 2014

Tacky Sweater flashback and "fixing" kitties!

     Our faculty Christmas party was a "tacky sweater" party. I used a long knit shirt that I wore when I was pregnant with my youngest. He is now 18. I don't clean out my closet very often! I wore it with stirrup pants back then. I used eyelash fringe and pink rhinestones for the Christmas tree and a feather boa hair clip to top it off. I wish I had found pink rhinestone earrings  and a bracelet to go with it! 
     This weekend, I took the three newest kitties to be "fixed" at the vets office. I always hate doing this. I feel like a Mom leaving her child on the first day of school! Kitties were glad to be back home and are doing well. They are not holding it against me. 
Y'all come back,


  1. LOL at the sweater! I agree it is hard to leave kitties at the vet but it is best for them. You'll have to give them extra hugs!

  2. That sweater is a hoot! Fun kind of party. Glad your cat got rid of your rat. Hope the fixed kitties are doing well. Mimi

  3. that is too funny!!!

    (i always feel that way leaving my 'kids' at the vets, too...)


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