Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eye issue!

I had hoped to get a couple of photos taken and posted today. Yesterday I mowed the lawn and my dear did the edging and trim. He actually hates doing it, but I can't use the string trimmer without causing several days of shoulder pain and headaches. All went well, the yard looks great. However, I awoke around 4 a.m. feeling as though I had something in my eye. I got up, but I couldn't see anything in it. I knew something had to be there because it hurt every time I blinked. Since I had something get lodged under my upper eyelid in the past, I figured it had happened again. I was finally able to curl my upper lid around a q-tip to have a look. Sure enough, a tiny sliver of grass or something was stuck to the inner lid. I got it out, but it must have scraped my eyeball a bit. It has been uncomfortable all day. I decided not to even try putting in my contact lenses. I did clean out some old clothes and miscellaneous items for the church rummage sale. It HAS been nice not having to water the yard. We've been having daily showers here in south Texas. I do have to be sure and not forget about the pot plants on the patio and porch!

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  1. The motor on our old weedeater was running so high that it actually hurt your hands to use. Took a lot of convencing hubby it needed to be turned down! My youngest mows and weedeats now, but when he moves out, that will be my job-not looking forward to it:(

    Glad you were able to get the grass out of your eye! Ouch!


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