Monday, October 26, 2009

Holey Toast!

First, I made biscuits and eggs on Sunday morning. Myself, my sweety, the 14-year-old and two of his friends cleaned it up! Our 24-year-old arrived, so I made Toad in the Hole or Holey Toast for him. Don't you love those dark yolks?
I even shared my special Maple Syrup with him.
I found Toad in the Hole Toast on Pioneer Woman's blog. I recently made her Cauliflower Soup too. It is awesome. Sunday evening, I made her Apple Dumplings. They are out of this world. I have been on a recipe trying roll! I also made the Crock pot Chicken from Julie's recipe here
It was delicious! Now I need to do some serious clogging to burn off the calories!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1.! When we make this breakfast treat, we call it eggs in the's funny how something gets lots of names isn't it?! It's very good too..Come say hi :D

  2. We call it Egg in a Basket too, but I like your name better! More fun!

  3. Lorilee, you eat maple syrup on eggs? That would have been something my Daddy would have loved!

  4. I like that Pioneer Woman's blog. Did I hear about it from you? Somewhere, I heard about it....

  5. I made Julies crockpot chicken too. It was a huge hit. WE call that egg dish Eggs in a Hole. Mimi

  6. The holey toast looks yummy! I could eat eggs every day of my life and never get tired of them; guess that's why my cholesterol is so high!

  7. Oh that looks wonderful. I am going to make them for breakfast tomorrow.

  8. Oh my that looks so delicious! I can just imagine how wonderful those fresh eggs taste!


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