Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still Working on the Laying Box!

One evening last week, I put a coat of Kilz on the laying box.

A few days later, I put on a coat of paint to match our house and barn (Sherwin Williams Windsor Greige). Saturday afternoon, before the rainy weather hit, my sweety put on the shingles and added some trim under the roofline. I still need to paint those boards to match the barn and coop trim.

Ya'll come back,



  1. Just found your lovely blog...your name caught my interest...sort of like mine but not really...Koralee. I am a teacher as well! So thought that we had 2 things sort of in common...I would pop over and say hi..from The Harwards Blog! So very glad I did!

  2. Chickens never had it so good...that is the cutest laying box! You guys have done a great job...now you need to come build me one! It couldn't be cuter~
    Come say hi :D

  3. Those are some lucky chickens! Everything looks great! Hugs, Loretta

  4. Wonderful job, Lorilee! Your Sweetie did a great job too! That's a great idea to access the nest boxes from the outside like that!

  5. You guys did a great job, that is the cutest laying box. Lucky chickens...

  6. That paint really brightened up the box. Your chickens will be so happy. Mimi

  7. Looks wonderful ! Think ya'll could come do my house?

  8. Lorilee,

    That is one nice laying box. You'll probably have some really contented hens. And it's cute too.


  9. That is the sweetest laying box I ever did see! I'm going to steal your idea. Hope you don't mind! Fifi LeFew layed her first little blue egg today. So 'eggciting'!

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