Monday, September 13, 2010

Running in Circles

Photos are from a morning wandering in my garden a few weeks ago!
The first two months of school are so busy that I feel like I'm running in circles. Then add several family birthdays, a clogging performance, and some events that I want to attend and things get really busy!
It doesn't help that I usually come down with something upper respiratory in September or October! It happens to be right NOW this year! cough cough hack sniffle

Oh, and have I complained about the muggy depressing HEAT and the mosquitoes that could carry a small child away!

They are so bad that we aren't taking students outside for recess or to the gym for PE! That means children with lots of pent up energy!

Add to that our current leaders leading our country "down the drain", and I could easily get overwhelmed or downright depressed!
O.K. enough doom and gloom! I'll pray for our country and hope we change the course of our country in November's elections.
Cooler weather will come eventually.
The mosquitoes will die off.
This cold will run its course.
How was this for the juxtaposition of tranquility and chaos?
Oh, and where did my font choices disappear to on my toolbar?
Y'all Come Back--Hope I haven't scared anyone away with my frustrated ramblings!


  1. Lorilee, you always remind me of why I'm happy to be retired! Sometimes I get bored, but I think I'd choose that over all your happenings! :) I think it will take more than changing political parties to move us forward.... we need to get back to God as a Nation. Just my opinion. Take care, love your stuff!

  2. *giggle* It's okay to rant, Lorilee! Sometimes you just gotta let the steam out... sorry you're under the weather- I just got over a summer cold, and boy, was that fun!

  3. I love to read your rambles.
    I know how you feel I have a horrible cough.
    It has really hit the whole family now. I hated it but my mom went home with a cold too.
    We had some bad storms here last night.
    This weather pattern is so up and down. How do you know how to dress???

  4. Love your ramblings. I agree it's gonna take a lot to bring this country around. Skeeters bad here too. Big ones & little ones. They spray once in awhile but all that does is kill off our pollinators, reason no veggies.

  5. Sometimes you just have to let it out! That is a lot going on for sure! I hope the mosquitoes are on the way out, just not heading east!

  6. Oh what a wonderful stroll through the garden. Thank you so much

  7. Let it rip girl...we all have days like that! I would hate the big mosquitoes though! I usually get problems in the fall too but if I keep the claritin or zyrtex going it usually wards off the cold! Hang in there :D

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