Friday, December 31, 2010

New Banner, New recipes, New year!

I hope everyone has a blessed 2011.
I am new to papercrafting, and I can't resist trying new projects when I see so many cute ideas on others' blogs. I used a set of "tracing letters and numbers" that I used in high school. I was in the drill team, and we had "locker boys"-football players whose lockers we decorated. I used lots of glitter back then, but none was as nice as Martha's! I don't have a mantle so I use our Stickley mirror!
I spent New Year's Eve afternoon in the kitchen!
I was inspired to try making french macarones after reading about them on Parisienne Farmgirl's blog. I used Martha Stewart's recipe and tips I found at Giver's log. I planned to make them raspberry flavored with seedless raspberry preserves for filling, but I didn't have raspberry extract. I used strawberry instead. I am pleased for a first try, although I would like to keep my batter a bit thicker so they don't spread as easily as they are piped.
I also made my 2nd batch of Pizzelles. One of the Christmas Cookie Exchange guests brought them to the party. My SIL and I loved them. I decided I wanted a Pizzelle press for Christmas. She made them with lots of anise, which my SIL and I love. The rest of my family doesn't care for that flavor much. Awwww, more for my SIL and me!

I am still thrilled when I gather eggs, so I couldn't resist one last photo for 2010!
Y'all Come Back,


  1. Happy New Year! I am hoping for a coop this spring. Your eggs look wonderful and I can't wait until I gather my own.

  2. Oh~ the banner is so cute, Lorilee... and the cookies look so delicious.
    I still love seeing eggs in the nest after all these years too!

  3. Your banner is adorable. I do love banners! In a couple of weeks I'll think those cookies look good but right now I'm on a sugar overload! Hope your 2011 is healthy and happy. Mimi

  4. Saw your blog... love the pictures... I would love to learn to clog! Clogging pictures, please!

  5. Hey girl! it was so good to hear from you. Love pizelles! I finally got my pizelle maker after looking for years at thrift stores for one. I LOVE ANISE and just made anise biscotti yesterday. Are you girls laying good? Mine are such slackers right now - but it's ok - they are probably using all their energy to stay warm. Poor things!


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