Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cookie decorating vs. sleeping

I ended up with 30 snowflake shaped sugar cookies after the baking fiasco I shared in the previous post. I decided on December 23rd that it was now or never to decorate them. I first had to finish a 20 page scrapbook that I started on December 22 in the evening. Did I mention it was also my first real attempt at doing scrapbook layouts? I digress. Back to the cookies. I was done with the scrapbook around 10:30 p.m.. I took a bath while debating whether or not to start the cookie decorating so late. Since I had already stayed up until 2 a.m. on the scrapbook the night before, I figured I should go for it. Weeellllll, 30 cookies took me until 4 a.m.!
My family was impressed, but they are a far cry from the many cookie decorators whose blogs I visit frequently.
Y'all come back,


  1. Wow. they are beautiful. I made snow flake cookies yesterday, but have not decorated them yet. I was going to post about , but now I am a little intimidated by your beauties. I'll have to wait and see how mine come out. Great job!!

  2. I agree they are beautiful! I admire your determination in getting them done! I am sure I would of thrown in the towel! They are fabulous!

  3. The surviving flakes look great! Just think how late you'd have been up if you hadn't had the "fiasco"! :)
    Keep hangin' in there!

    Ardith of Green Country.

  4. I'm impressed too, Lorilee! Those are gorgeous!

  5. They look beautiful! I have never had any luck with cut-out/decorated cookies.


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