Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby bats

Baby bat birthing season has begun. I've been finding baby bats below the bat house for a couple of days now. I put as many as I can back into the house. Sometimes I am too late, and they have already died. My oldest son, Dustin is holding these 2 babies. They are clinging to one another. I really need a taller ladder. I can just barely reach the bottom of the house if I stand on the step next to the top on my tiptoes!
This is the view looking up into the bat house. It is normally much darker, but I used the flash to light up the inside. We have a second larger house waiting to be put up. Hand digging a post hole won't be easy in our "exceptional drought" clay.
I can sum up my evenings after school with watering, weeding, picking beans and rescuing baby bats.
Y'all Come Back,


  1. Just showed these to my son and he said "those are real?!" LOL obviously never seen a baby bat before! Very cool - hope you're able to save them all.

  2. Hi Lorilee,
    Normally I would say "ewww" but they are just babies. Where are the momma bats? How sad that they just keep falling from the house. You are a good "mom" to rescue them. Happy Mother's Day!Hugs

  3. The momma bats are in the bat house. The babies have to cling to the sides of the house. I think that sometimes in the jostling, they lose their grip.

  4. I think it is so terrific that you are providing bat houses. I love our bats. They are so busy eating up lots of mosquitos!

  5. Baby bats! I love them!

  6. I have never seen a baby bat. Wow, are they ever tiny. I hope they all survive and then your yard will be bug free!

  7. Why do the babies fallout of their home. Do mommy bats not stay with them?

  8. I want bats! Was wondering if those bat houses really worked.

    Followed you over from your comment at Calamity Acres.


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