Sunday, May 1, 2011

A mess of beans

My Granny always called a meal's worth a "mess". I picked my first mess of beans of the season on Saturday. I also found a nest of fire ants AFTER they found my foot! Ouch. I've been spending almost every spare moment of daylight out in the garden weeding and watering. I recently saw a map showing that this part of Texas in in an Exceptional drought. I didn't know there was a level more than Extreme! I will take drought over the tornadoes other parts of the country have been experiencing.
Y'all come back!


  1. I'm in the Waco area and we have had only 1/2" since last Oct. We need rain so much. It just seems to elude us.

  2. They look great. I remember the days I was a kid on the farm mum and I did all the veggies sitting on the porch. Have a great day !

  3. Can't believe you have been ready to pick, Lorilee! They look so good...
    We don't have fire ants like that around here... kinda glad we don't! *yikes*

  4. I was in Texas last week, Lorilee! And it was hot there, but it felt good to me. It's been so slow to warm up here in Nyack. I feel like I'll never have a mess of anything at this rate. Beans look fantastic!

  5. We haven't even planted our beans yet this year! And we've had 400% of our normal rainfall this spring. We're thankful we don't have tornados too. Mimi

  6. Does that every bring back memories
    of a "mess" of all kinds of veggies. They look wonderful. Wish I had some. About a bushel would do for now. Some sweet corn. YUM YUM!! I'm from KY.
    How about you?

  7. That's what we call it around here in my part of Mississippi.

    We need rain badly too. Especially for our newly sprigged hay field.


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