Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kitty rescue

My youngest son and his girlfriend found a kitten in a ditch along the road on Saturday evening and brought it home. We went back and knocked on doors hoping to find the owners and momma cat! We had no luck, so we went to PetSmart and bought some Kitten Milk Replacement and a little bottle and nipples. The kitty hasn't started nursing the bottle, so we have resorted to a syringe with a nipple. It works pretty well. We've been playing Mommy kitty and stimulating its bowel movements and urinating with a dampened cottonball. I am guessing it is 3-4 weeks old. We can't tell if it is a male or female yet. Hopefully, we can keep it healthy! It is a sweet little thing.
Y'all come back,


  1. Oh, how sad. I hope with all your wonderful care it will be ok.

  2. Oh sweet kitty! How blessed he/she was to be found and so lovingly cared for! Sweet picture.

  3. My Putter Jean was abandoned by her momma. We found her in the barn and I brought her to work for several weeks to bottle feed her.

    Spoiled does not even come close to describing her now.

    So glad baby kitty was rescued.


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