Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Mum and a Fridge.

 The week of Homecoming and fridge woes is over! This is my worktable in mum-making chaos! I was rather anxious about making my first mum. I am so indecisive!
 When it came time for the long streamer ribbons, I had to move to the floor.
 Voila, the finished mum for Destiny. The hat is in honor of her being in the drill team.

 This is Brian's mum-garter made by Destiny's mom. I am so glad she finished it last weekend and sent it home with Brian. It helped me so much to have an example to follow.

 The cute couple in their finery. Please notice that his tie was chosen to coordinate with her dress!
Now for a photo with the mums.
Drought vs Rain update! We are finally getting rain--which is why the photos had to be taken indoors! The rain is so desperately needed that we can't complain about that inconvenience.
Hopefully, the fridge saga is over with the delivery of the second fridge this morning. More on that later.
Y'all come back,


  1. So pretty. I still have some mums from my high school days... that was like 100 yrs ago;)


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