Friday, September 2, 2011

A treasure!

 I am thrilled to have this beautiful dresser that belonged to a dear departed friend's grandmother. I have always admired it and feel so honored to be entrusted with it.
 My husband, teenager and I spent the Sunday before school started playing musical furniture! I emptied my dresser, and we moved it to the teens room. I have the treasure. My husband emptied the bureau/chest of drawers, and we moved it to my craft room. My son emptied his dresser, and it is in our bedroom for my husband.(It is an old dresser that was at my Granny's and then in my parents' attic. My husband rebuilt it and refinished it. It was literally falling apart.)
 I love the beautiful details on my dresser. I was thrilled to receive TWO keys that go with it for the drawers.
 The mirror and perfume bottles also belonged to my friend. (She was also my Mom's best friend.)
 The blue bottles were my Mom's, the other items were my friend's. The school photo is my Dad and the other is my Mom and my Granny.
 The gold and glass "dresser set" were also my friend's grandmother's.
Yes, that Sunday WAS two weeks ago, and I am just now getting around to sharing!
Y'all come back,


  1. wow. that is really something. so beautiful! glad you have it with so many treasures too!

  2. The dresser is beautiful. I also like all the wonderful treasures that came with it.

  3. No doubt that it is a treasure. Beautiful piece of furniture.

  4. Oh, Lorilee, I've had you on my favorites list but not down as a follower. NOW I've gotcha! I won't miss anything. That dresser is a treasure for's beautiful! Yes, Big Easy does look a lot like Gottlieb, but again, just like the pics of Faverolles with a beard. And he doesn't have a pea comb. I really don't care if he's a "mutt"..I like him. Thanks for commenting.


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