Monday, April 23, 2012

Dewberry hunting!

 Brian, his friend and I went hunting for dewberries. Actually, I was hunting for dewberries, they were just exploring. We had just had a line of thunderstorms with a smattering of hail move through followed by a cool north wind and clear skies. It was a gorgeous evening to be outside. Then we realized we weren't alone! We were being followed.
 Not by one, but by two cats! Rascal and Samson were tagging along.
 The dogs, Honey and Lexi were not happy about being locked in the yard.

 Rascal climbed tree after tree!

 Here he is actually panting!
 I had almost as many photos as I did dewberries. This wasn't gonna make a cobbler!
 So I hopped in my trailblazer and drove a few backroads near my house. I hit the berry jackpot and picked 6 cups or enough for 3 cobblers!
I also had not taken my camera! All photos,except the dewberries in the bowl. were taken on my HTC Thunderbolt phone.
Y'all come back,


  1. Yum! Dewberries the equivalent of blackberries???
    Your kitties are so cute.

  2. yum! cobblers! man, your rascal cat is handsome and intense! LOVE!

  3. What nice cats! I can just taste/smell the cobbler!

  4. Lovely photos ! YUMMY ! cobbler havent had that for years ! Have a great day !

  5. I LOVE the photos of your cats. They need to be held and squeezed. :o)

  6. You were very determined to make that cobbler! I hope they turned out great!

  7. They kind of look like blackberries to me?? Adorable kitties. Mimi

  8. The kitties had an adventure! Your phone takes great pics.

  9. I have been missing you! This was a darling post! The cats look like they are having an amazing time! Glad you finally found enough berries for a pie!


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