Friday, June 8, 2012

Crocheting and shoes!

I am so glad that school is out for the summer. I hope to spend more time working on my current crochet project, the Blackberry Salad Striped afghan. We are finally getting some rain here in south Texas. That should mean some good indoor crocheting time. I didn't really take advantage though, laundry took precedence! I have been crocheting in the evenings while we watch TV. During the school year, I don't get to watch TV until we are in bed, hence, not much crocheting gets done.
Obviously, I have some crocheting ahead of me!
I finally finished the Japanese Flower shawl that I started LAST YEAR! I still need to block it. I first saw it done by Lucy at Attic24. I love her blog! She is so talented!
While on the subject of flowers, I found these cute shoes at the Shoe Dept. Best of all, they are Clarks shoes.
Crocheting is not the only thing on my "to do" list. I hope to make more burlap banners, do some sewing, learn to make some beaded bracelets, clean out some closets, continue cleaning out flowerbeds,practice my clogging, practice my photography,  and spend some time with family and friends.  I also need to get more proficient on this new MacBook Pro!
Y'all come back,


  1. really like the colors in that 'blackberry salad'. :) and you have pretty feet. :)

  2. Lovely work . Pretty colours . WOW ! Sounds like your gona be a busy bee this summer . Thanks for sharing with us . Have a good day !

  3. Makes me tired to hear all of your "to-do's!!!" I love the colors/pattern of the Blackberry Salad throw and the Japanese Flower shawl is absolutely beautiful. Must be nice to be so talented. I agree with TexWis Girl; you have very pretty feet and cute sandals! Wishing you a nice weekend and time to do all that is on your wish list.

  4. Beautiful crocheting projects! I too love Clark shoes. Enjoy your summer.

  5. Hey there! I am in LOVE with that shawl and I love the colors you've chosen for the afghan--I really should learn to crochet, right?

  6. Your crochet projects are just wonderful! Glad you are getting some rain. I am hoping the monsoons start soon here, as I water every day (and the seedlings sometimes twice a day) in this heat! With my sewing machine broken and me still paying on a new one on layaway, I am stuck as far as machine sewing is concerned, so I have been doing some hand-work....nothing fancy or pretty but I do have some projects to start soon.

  7. I love your crocheted items...especially the colors in both. I could see those little flowers adorning a package...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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